Humankind Sentence Examples | Use Humankind in a sentence

1.technical progress frees Humankind of heavy labour and inconvenience.

2.a religion founded primarily on the revelations of god to Humankind.

3.these fields vitally shape the destiny of Humankind foe good or evil, for time and eternity.

4.we consider Humankind a family. the month begins all Humankind is on notice that times have changed.

6.since long before the birth of Humankind, the moon has been the earth's constant companion. harmony includes harmony between Humankind and nature.

8.2 what surprises you most about Humankind? the search for knowledge continues to produce an ongoing revolution in the health and wealth of Humankind.

10.the animal-level love brings darkness, sadness, envy, jealousy, bad feelings and hell to Humankind.

11.capitalism and neo-liberalism offers only rottenness and selfishness to Humankind.

12.the star nations will approve of any form of peaceful compassionate and insightful contact with Humankind of any race, culture or religion.

13.the faith of Humankind can only support a brief spiritual life.

14.this seems to support a historical adam as many theologians interpret adam's sin as a historical event that changed Humankind. Humankind struggles toward a new form of social independence and freedom new government and economic forms will manifest. has become so popular in recent years, it's easy to overlook the fact that it is actually one of Humankind's oldest activities.

17.similar things happen all the time, but Humankind can't afford this sort of race to the bottom.

18.the sermon predicated the perfectibility of Humankind. conveys a familiar moral message: new technologies can be a hazard, as well as a boon, to Humankind (not to mention dog kind).

20.the theme represents the com-mon wish of all Humankind to live better.

21.genuine concern for Humankind and the environment demands the inquiry, accuracy and scepticism of authentic science.

22.he said that sars is a common threat faced by the Humankind. china's work is of uttermost importance in prevent the spreading of sars.

23.and we see the savior, bringing salvation in every sense of the word to all Humankind.

24.environmental problems, whose nature is the existence of man, have been the common concern for Humankind.

25.a number of alien races cannot be distinguished from Humankind, at least not at a superficial glance.

26.fallen Humankind has not yet found the value of eternal life to which the world, the earth and heaven, can attest.

27.if i were italian, i would feel proud because their astounding art contribution to the Humankind. make hirm grow; you realize how much power hes has, and then you make use of it for the benefit of yourself and Humankind.

29.simon fishel, director of the care fertility group, said the milestone demonstrated the "wonderful ingenuity of Humankind" .

30.that is the basic meaning of nietzsche's statement: god is dead, so Humankind is free.

31.but for all that he did over nearly 50 years of service to his nation, and indeed to all Humankind, i admired him much, much more.

32.we have to look at what will allow Humankind to flourish, he says. work allows all of us to express our humanity to Humankind.

34.and believe in the love of friends, family and all the Humankind.

35.the attack has destroyed his faith in Humankind.

36.and where will Humankind end and machine-kind begin?

37.urban growth is one of the biggest challenges for Humankind in the twenty-first century.

38.another misconception is the assumption that all research serves noble goals and benefits Humankind.

39.astrology is the science of the influence of planets toward individuals and Humankind as such. be an athenian is to cherish language because you believe it to be Humankind's most precious gift.