Humanized Sentence Examples | Use Humanized in a sentence

1.Humanized operation interface with convenient parameter setting and technics mode switch;

2.but for many viewers it Humanized the singer, even as it showcased his extraordinary talent.

3.hope so. actually our company system is always quite Humanized.

4.the lack of theoretical basis for international flight delay becomes a bottleneck to Humanized protection for passenger rights.

5.a city is the result of the Humanized nature and beings themselves. the level of civilization is presented by the way of culture.

6.research on Humanized design of public facilities in modern city

7.after some basic features of the environment satisfied we began to think what the Humanized residential area is.

8.with the high speed of development of immaterial society and the information technology, people need much more Humanized product design service.

9.then the condition of Humanized service of both group students were observed and compared.

10.this paper analyzes the connotations of humanization and individualized service and the relationship between the two things, and advances some measures for the libraries to provide the Humanized and individualized services.

11.the Humanized design and endless creativity to make your life more comfortable and convenient, so today it becomes one new kind of essential household products in modern families.

12.this paper probes into the service trends of sci-tech library of enterprise from four aspects of network service, information service, Humanized service and reference service.

13.the development of e-commerce has changed enterprise's traditional marketing method and consumers'shopping way, have offered more thoughtful and more Humanized service to the masses of network users.

14.also provided are Humanized antibodies and fragments thereof that bind to the tf.

15.4 Humanized lcd display, produce a water yield, the chinese total water, dynamic location parameters, parameter setting, etc.

16.being left alone, and a pauper, she had become Humanized.

17.Humanized design on high-rise office building in the mountain city chongqing

18.Humanized management in the development of enterprise human resource

19.Humanized research on environmental information guidance design in dandong

20.Humanized draft reviewing and checking system will bring you a fantastic experience of convenient communication and high efficiency.

21.the innovation and practice of Humanized service construction in shenzhen library

22.the new website should have Humanized performance and unity, identity, representative, authority, uniqueness, culture, continuity and standardization.

23.the "individuality" of the words for pop songs is, in a substantial sense, the "Humanized" flavor.

24.educational practice endows abstract teaching concept with personalized, specified and Humanized characteristics.

25.the device of the invention can ensure a more secure, convenient and fast, comfortable and Humanized oral surgery.

26.discussion on cultivation of students 'Humanized service consciousness in community nursing teaching and expression of Humanized anti-egfr antibody

28.listen to the customers demands, is undoubtedly a new interactive more Humanized marketing new mode.

29.the system passes loud speaker as to carry produces a sound, so have the Humanized operation with the pleasing singing.

30.Humanized design of urban open space guiding system based on the color system

31.animal characters Humanized in cartoons animation brings to life our favorite cartoon characters.

32.with super-strong error-correcting capability, computer popup menu setting, and Humanized intelligent operation design. carry out Humanized management and service is urgent for the library of colleges and universities.

34.Humanized management and service are the tenet to many libraries as academic service organization in recent years.

35.the Humanized education is an effective way to improve overall quality level of students.

36.packaging Humanized allowed to carry out rational and emotional perfect combination.

37.'xiaowu' Humanized a thief and ' gave him a voice . ' is essential for higher vocational colleges to establish Humanized teaching system during the process of carrying out the Humanized management for the students.

39.development of contemporary children education theory and Humanized design of schoolhouses in primary school

40.only in the society, natured human and Humanized nature can reach a perfect unity.