Humanize Sentence Examples | Use Humanize in a sentence

1.we should improve the standard of management to legitimize cyber management, and to Humanize services and to make the team of management specialized.

2.the development of the education in the world tends to Humanize.

3.the magnum opus of the former is the book of odes, which revealed the freedom and Humanize.

4.she tried to Humanize him and his behavior.

5.Humanize education [ the curriculum] it was not natural to the germans.

6.some of my professors tried to "Humanize" the process.

7.the forth is Humanize compensation mechanism, the traditional compensation is main material compensation, employee are the receiver.

8.on the relation between calligraphic teaching and Humanize quality-oriented education of the art student can either sift through human b cells and look for ones that will make the right antibodies or you can vaccinate mice and "Humanize" the mouse antibodies.

10.and by the integrative and Humanize designing, highrise complex maybe combined into urban spaces organically, realizing the symbiosis of urban and architecture. Humanize animals is one of the most glaring contents in the age-old tales of mystery.

12.during the course of development, the fashion have become an important part in cell phone design, which is result of Humanize development in science technology.

13.acting is nothing more or less than playing. the idea is to Humanize life.

14.firstly, this thesis reviews the developing course of special educational schools. it offers that four changes the special educational school experienced is a developing history from indifference to Humanize.

15.the purpose of the study of color semantics is to Humanize product design.

16.acts of courtesy that Humanize life in a big city. companies take the stage, they will eventually pay attention to the reaction of the audience in order to respond and improve content, define future engagements, and Humanize communication.

18.but stories can also be used to empower, and to Humanize.

19.we need to modify regulations and Humanize the system.

20.i think that the mentors that we all meet sort of Humanize us .

21.he used technology to Humanize the president, enhance transparency, and encourage participation in his campaign. his success set an example for enterprises to carry out online marketing campaign.

22.yet in recent years some artists have tried to Humanize the japanese soldiers for a chinese audience.

23.the point of using social media for your new hotel is to Humanize the business and create an emotional connection with your fans.

24.her speech will Humanize barack obama as a family man while she tries to show up her critics.

25.landscape of Humanize and ecology keep in planning the cities and towns

26.when we Humanize the word, we speak of those who bounce back from adversity, those who persevere through difficult times and return to a healthy state of being.

27.a preliminary study on the design of a Humanize automatic response system on network

28.we must make our endeavor to enforce early literature education and Humanize chinese curriculum;

29.using video could also Humanize tech support, and group settings could even initiate self-help between customers.

30.the fragments of verifiable historical figures serve to Humanize the abstract principles to which these characters give voice.

31.nowadays, chinese society is coming to a transforming stage. the Humanize managed society should be gradually changed into a monocracy one. and the success of this transformation is highly depended on the realization of legal administration.

32.margaret schlegel and henry wilcox& to Humanize and to be Humanized

33.they could be used to increase the interaction of student and teacher, to Humanize the educational process - but are they?

34.i was trying to Humanize her, kyle.

35.pain can purify and Humanize the heart. the design of high-rise building, by integrative and Humanize design, we can make the high-rise building adaptable to the neighborhood architecture and urban, and beautify the city, upgrade the quality of landscape of city.

37.there is a huge gap existed in the evolution and formation of social order from the personal knowledge to individual freedom, which is how people in society "Humanize".