Humanization Sentence Examples | Use Humanization in a sentence

1.driving cab designed in Humanization, not only improves the aesthetic extent, but also increased operating comfortableness.

2.but the research now is superficial in the reason that the technique development deviates from the human nature and how to carry out the Humanization of technique development.

3.mumu soft protective cover is convenient and practicable with Humanization design.

4.Humanization is tallying up car photograph, and put forward to car photographers 'five requirments;

5."Humanization of the nature" and the logic development of natural beauty theory in new china a Humanization of valuing person, inspiring person design process.

7.from the perspective of the Humanization of international law, the study on china's consular protection is no doubt more typical.

8.enforcing and deepening studies on human nature is an important measure to prevent abstract Humanization in ideas of educational humaneness.

9.along with the progressive "Humanization" of myths and legends, the concept of appraisal with color is more concentrated.

10.the construction of contemporary chinese harmonious ecological civilization under marx's Humanization natural view

11.Humanization design is to upgrade the comfort of operation.

12.the natural aesthetics is the integration of the natural Humanization and human ecological tendency.

13.the beauty of nature is the co-produce of naturalization and nature Humanization, with wildness as its foundation.

14.this article talks about the Humanization of "god" in greek mythology.

15.this paper explores the two opposite attitudes which are Humanization and deHumanization about human nature problem in western psychology. this paper, we have developed a new design that can supply more Humanization treatment space for patients, by taking the advanced theory and practical experience abroad as reference.

17.we should think about the fundamental value and meaning of human life and constantly adjusting the social systems, building a harmonious human society with technologies guided on the more Humanization track. the new historical period, prison education should practice socialization and science, pay more attention to Humanization.

19.Humanization design: feel comfortable and easy to carry, easy to operate, shows a clear reading.

20.this article has combined with the reality and Humanization management of related publication appearing at present in our library and makes simple argumentation and discussion.

21.urban bus; Humanization design; barrierless facility; two respects, except if we have a balanced view, not to towers of the expense to see tenants may type more Humanization more.

23.this paper analyzes the connotations of Humanization and individualized service and the relationship between the two things, and advances some measures for the libraries to provide the humanized and individualized services. sleep function, lower power consumption, reflect energy saving and Humanization of the product.

25.what is the animal role Humanization?

26.will narratology have a new space of theory?& on development path and Humanization possibility of narratology

27.the Humanization of a mechanized world, through our identification with it, is what takes place in tony the tow truck. we all seem to be around in the fashion, Humanization , and we can no longer tolerate dirty narrow kitchen.

29.the design style of the product Humanization express the details thoroughly, residing for your residence make perfect even more perfect.

30.this text put forward the "management of human nature" from the attention of the teacher himself in high school, and further explained the Humanization concern of "management of human nature".

31.superclass and Humanization are two outstanding characters of the state theory of democratic socialism.

32.this type design has Humanization feature and suit for modern city.

33.supermarket shopping bag with vogue beautiful appearance, folding collection of Humanization design, both economical and elegant generous!

34.Humanization education and learning capacity training& the most important means to prevent and diminish psychological obstacles in learning

35.this paper expatiates the philosophy for the designing of modern railway yard from the aspects of informationization, systematization, Humanization and zero-defect. on the Humanization design of passageway's space of station in urban rail

37.part five has studied the system construction of the Humanization moral education.

38.Humanization nursing theory in nursing management

39.explore to Humanization management of social security& take social assistance as the analytic perspective

40.the idea of people oriented, the management and service of Humanization all embodies the respect for life and human being.