hovercraft Sentence Examples | Use hovercraft in a sentence

1.the only one hovercraft was turned out a day.

2.do you know what advantage the hovercraft has over the aeroplane?

3.the hovercraft will be deployed on the new type 071 landing platform dock (lpd), which can carry up to four hovercraft.

4.now people can cross the lake easily on/ by a hovercraft.

5.research on systemic performance of hovercraft gas turbine propulsion

6.these hovercraft can easily outpace most boats

7.since that time, various types of hovercraft have appeared and taken up regular service.

8.jets of compressed air lift the hovercraft off the ground, and flexible skirts around the craft retain the air cushion, and help to keep it stable.

9.this had a hovercraft like engine and also worked on the magnetic energy fields like the space crafts.

10.the hovercraft has the advantage of being able to move straight upwards like a helicopter.

11.this is the first time i see a hovercraft.

12.the hovercraft is one of the most interesting forms of transport that have been developed since the war.

13.which one of the following statements is true of the hovercraft?

14.one can travel to holland by boat, by hovercraft, or by air.

15.you can travel by ferry, hovercraft or hydrofoil.

16.the strangest of them being perhaps the hovercraft.

17.the hovercraft is particularly useful in large areas with poor communications such as africa or australia;

18.think of the great machines of war, and the hovercraft is perhaps not the first that springs to mind.

19.a hovercraft is like a boat, but it does not float directly on the water: it floats on a cushion of air.

20.the hovercraft travelled first over the water, then mounted the beach, climbed up the dune and sat down on a road.

21.the rubber skirts round the bottom of a hovercraft were destroyed.

22.strapping the skis on the roof, we boarded the hovercraft in dover

23.the basic concepts and principles derived on this base can be used directly to optimized design of hovercraft resistance, stability and sea keeping quality.

24.the trapped air that supports a hovercraft a short distance above the water or ground.

25.many strange new means of transport have been developed in our century, the strangest of them being perhaps the hovercraft.

26.a big hovercraft can carry two or three hundred passengers and thirty or forty cars.

27.hovercraft is safe as houses, even if the engine broke down there's no danger of sinking.

28.a hovercraft rides on a cushion of air. a cloud of fine particles suspended in a gas.

29.this spray was thrown up from the sea when the air rushed downwards under the hovercraft and struck the water.

30.the hovercraft was in fact a ground-effect vehicle rather than an aircraft.

31.this hovercraft has ducted fans which provide lift and propulsion instead of the sometimes-dangerous rotor blades of other flying machines.

32.the hovercraft is able to skim over the water.

33.giant hovercraft liners could span the atlantic;

34.the twins hadn't seen a hovercraft before, had they?

35.i ask my friend what is hovercraft, and then they show me its picture.

36.and a modern hovercraft can carry an abrams tank, america's heaviest, at a speed of 40 knots.

37.the expedition made the journey to its source by hovercraft.

38.hovercraft will therefore be able to embark and disembark easily.