Hover Sentence Examples | Use Hover in a sentence

1.you should also be able to see data in the kpi views, when you Hover over the kpis.

2.specify the attributes for the classes: Hover the mouse over a class to open up another palette.

3.a plane is Hover on our house.

4.Hover time speed – accelerating the opening menus and windows preview applications.

5.his golf handicap Hovered between 10 and 12.

6.beautiful butterflies Hovered above the wild flowers

7.you create a special css class named Hover and you want to dynamically add this class to a row.

8.it is also has the latest american Hover technology, and is capable of floating across water, giving it a strategic advanctage.

9.seagulls Hover over the surging waves.

10."soft" Hover effects often support the navigation design by making browsing more pleasant.

11.you might also decide to raise the peak height of the ball's motion so that it doesn't seem to Hover over the fence unrealistically.

12.Hover over a counter with your mouse to see details about what that counter measures.

13.other usability features include Hover information to provide data values, range names and values and targets.

14.she Hovered on the brink of death for three months as doctors battled to save her

15.with no idea of what to do for my next move, my hand Hovered over the board.

16.you can Hover over vertical arrows to get details on the locks being held.

17.this is because there is no standard dom event for Hover.

18.Hover the mouse over any individual video to see an instant thumbnail preview.

19.just as at the turn of the century, we Hover between great hopes and great fears.

20.to create a manual test script, Hover the mouse over the construction icon and click create test script.

21.these css classes define the non-active, active, and Hover state of the collapsible title bar.

22.i'll set my laptop on the kitchen counter and Hover over it as if i were a conductor before an orchestra.

23.to write warm lines which Hover in heart, i choose.

24.they can fly forward, backward, upside down and even Hover in mid-air.

25.judith was Hovering in the doorway

26.action bar items have Hover help/ tool tips.

27.d. groups that the user does not belong to should be visible, but greyed out with no Hover effect.

28.a police helicopter Hovered overhead

29.it would still be a ball of wool but would roll horizontally (actually rotate) as you Hover over one of the 8 selections.

30.to isolate a single web service, Hover over the desired item in this list.

31.Hover over the move map type and drag the handle to the orderinfo parameter.

32.i also need a Hover action, so when i Hover over a profile image their name, how much they have donated and comment appears.

33.he turns to leave his apartment, but he stops first at a glass table, where his hands Hover over two pistols.

34.to select and delete the entire table, Hover the mouse cursor over the table until you see a table tab at the bottom-left of the table.

35.mist Hovered in all the valleys.

36.seagulls Hover in the wind over the beach as the early effects of alex are felt, in south padre island, texas.

37.to be balanced or held in suspension; Hover.

38.to determine which icon to select, Hover over the icon and the name will display.

39.Hover over new in the menu.

40.you can now Hover over images in rich text fields and see the full image preview.