Hove Sentence Examples | Use Hove in a sentence

1.the ship Hove to next to ours.

2.brighton Hove buses posted warnings to drivers in its head offices after a complaint from a woman who said she felt insulted by being called babe when she boarded a bus.

3.suddenly a steamer Hove in sight. the captain immediately gave an order to send out a signal for rescue.

4.abstract protect through zhongshan road, city of quanzhou, and successful example that renovate, is it summarize historical cultural city historical protection experience of renovation of block to explore, Hove offered helpful reference for protecting and renovating the historical block better.

5.this bold new experiment is about to be tried in brighton and Hove .

6.it''''s good to be at home. i Hove, you love, we all love to be at home.

7.sailors Hove up the cable with windlass or capstan.

8.and his initial plan as retirement Hove into view was to "escape the headlines and the fuss" and have nothing more to do with football.

9.'uncle much Hove down, wal'r? ' inquired the captain, as they were walking along.

10.this bold new experiment is about to be tried in brighton and Hove.

11.of whom can it truly be said that they Hove never done a dishonest thing?

12.in my opinion, whoever Hove those things in here caught a sight of us and took us for ghosts or devils or something. i'll bet they're running yet.

13.no one should Hove to live in a house that's so run-down and decrepit.

14.parents Hove legal authority over their children.

15.o'cearuill extends his loan spell at brighton joe o'cearuill has signed an extension to his loan agreement with brighton & Hove albion.

16.suspect is wanted for questioning in connection with a shooting at a nightclub in the Hove beach area of broker.

17.a fourmasted schooner Hove, in sight.

18.which clock shows the time that the train arrives at Hove?

19.as we were just leaving the harbour another ship Hove into view. as the only direct steamer which calls at our port once a month has just departed, goods can only be shipped next month.

20.the boat Hove to in order to receive the visitors.

21.people here Hove a more relaxed attitude to their work.

22.the train that now Hove into view was clearly of a much older vintage.

23.so those who Hove just been sentenced to probation should be regard as having criminal record.

24.presently jeff thatcher Hove in sight, and tom's face lighted; he gazed a moment, and then turned sorrowfully away.

25.as we came into harbour another ship Hove alongside.

26.perhaps the good folk of brighton and Hove should worry less about jeremy falling in with the wrong sort of classmate, and more about him falling in with the wrong sort of teacher.

27.jim allowed they'd got spoiled and was Hove out of the nest.

28.we knew there was another shop nearby, and when the fog lifted it Hove into sight.

29.at four bells we Hove the log, and the boat was going eleven knots.

30.the men were summonsed and last week 30 appeared before Hove magistrates

31.to turn an engine-powered vessel in a similar situation so that its bow heads into the seas while proceeding at low speed. at four bells we Hove the log, and the boat was going eleven knots.

32.we Hove a wonderful show for you tonight, ladies and gentlemen, so please sit back and enjoy it.

33.we'll Hove an attendant with him24 hours a day to keep an eye on him.

34.if, however, children grow up without Hove and without feelings of self-worth, they feel unlovable and worthless and expect to be cheated, taken advantage of, and looked down upon by others.

35.when our ship received the signal, she Hove to.

36.promises are often like the butterfly, which disappear after beautiful Hove.

37.they all Hove strong math and science backgrounds.