Housework Sentence Examples | Use Housework in a sentence

1.i often do Housework.

2.oakley locates Housework in the wider context of economic, social and political structures.

3.robot can play with you, can do Housework for you, and can take you to satellite.'s not bad for you to do some Housework.

5.i did Housework with my parents in my garden.

6.women are lumbered with the Housework. brown is so critical of her Housework that the servants are all not willing to work for her.

8.this winter holiday, i can still play computer, help my grandfather and grandmother doing Housework.

9.she was too excited to do any Housework that morning, for in the evening she would be going to a fancy dress party with her husband.

10.i just feel women are conditioned into doing Housework.

11.many working mothers have to look for a cleaning woman one day or more days a week to help with Housework and look after the children.

12.ellen malos, in her introduction to 'the politics of Housework', provides a summary of the debates.

13.the old lady was tired with her Housework.

14.l4: can you do some Housework with me?

15.sun zheng thought he should do something for his mother. he decided to help his mother do some Housework.

16.when he is free, he is very happy to share the Housework with his wife, so she will not be so tired.

17.tom is busy helping his mother with Housework, he has no time to play with you.

18.Housework is usually miscellaneous and toilsome.

19.modern inventions facilitate Housework. had done Housework for2 months when i heard your complaints.

21.the average american mother, whether the she works out of the home or not, spends 35 hours a week doing Housework.

22.i discovered an addiction to Housework which i had never felt before.

23.mother cannot get mary to help do the Housework; she always has her nose in a book.

24.Housework is something you do that nobody notices unless you don't do it.

25.i managed my Housework in a planned way.

26.she shares the Housework with her husband.

27.meanwhile, mr. hatoyama, 62, is known to help out with Housework, a habit considered unusual among japanese men of his generation.

28.she thought she's above doing any Housework. can really work up a sweat doing Housework

30.they have a new girl to do the Housework. featured a solo dance in which a woman in a short overall mimed a lot of dainty Housework

32.she had a servant to help her with the Housework and cooking.

33.i don't do the Housework at weekends. i play tennis with my friends.

34.when his father told him to do some Housework, he went on thinking of it. Housework, washing or get out in the garden.

36.he does all the Housework except cooking. have to do the Housework.

38.she was tied up with Housework and couldn't go.

39.i can see you are doing so much Housework.'s nice not having to fight you about Housework.