Housewarming Sentence Examples | Use Housewarming in a sentence

1.oh, really? i can't wait to see it. when is the Housewarming party?

2.i'd love to go to your Housewarming party, but i'm sorry i can't make it because i've got a stack of things to do.

3.a Housewarming party is thrown by someone who has just moved into a new house or apartment.

4.rachel's having a Housewarming tonight.

5.translated description: celebrate lucky craft co. , ltd. wenzhou Housewarming!

6.we're gonna get you the best Housewarming present ever.

7.would you like to join the Housewarming party this friday night?

8.when is the Housewarming party?

9.we've decided to throw a Housewarming party.

10.when someone moves into a new home, it is the custom to give a "Housewarming" gift.

11.jack invites susan to his Housewarming party.

12.i'm so sorry i missed the Housewarming.

13.we were really living it up at john's Housewarming party last night.

14.i brought you a Housewarming gift.

15.for scarlett's Housewarming, or "crush," as it was fashionable to call such evening parties, half-reception, half-ball, was by far the most elaborate affair atlanta had ever seen.

16.tom cruise and katie holmes hosted a lavish, over-the-top Housewarming last saturday night for more than 500 guests.

17.we'd like to invite you this coming saturday evening to our new flat and join our Housewarming party to celebrate the occasion.

18.hercules and i went to a friend's Housewarming party on the lake this weekend.

19.we're having a Housewarming on friday if you'd like to come.

20.we should be delighted if you were able to join us for our Housewarming party. b: well, that sounds wonderful. i would be honored.

21.paolo: hey ken, are you empty handed? didn't you bring a Housewarming gift?

22.on tuesday night malkoff, whose wife decided to stay with relatives, is planning to throw a Housewarming party.

23.mukesh ambani, his wife and three children plan a Housewarming party for the 27-story mumbai pad later this month.