Houses Sentence Examples | Use Houses in a sentence

1.Houses must not be more than two storeys high.

2.the Houses were all the same — square, close to the street, needing paint

3.many of the clothes come from the world's top fashion Houses

4.the timbers of similar Houses were painted with pitch.

5.the Houses were set afire but there were only minor injuries to seven personnel

6.when innovative technology is applied to cars, Houses or other everyday things everyone seems to celebrate progress. these Houses, there are kangs built of stone or brick.

8.britain's two main auction Houses, sotheby's and christies, have been involved in valuing the works.

9.this year, some of its inhabitants told me with satisfaction, it finally tore down the last of its old Houses.

10.what was more admirable was that he is blessed with a happy family, beautiful wife and lovely children, luxurious Houses and expensive cars.

11.their Houses were damaged by the enemy's shellfire. first sight it resembles a traditional village of two-storeyed, balconied Houses, set among well-tended gardens.

13.tess soon went onward into the village, her footsteps echoing against the Houses as though it were a place of the dead.

14.people who have fingered crack Houses and fingered drug dealers have been assassinated.

15.the republicans have majorities in both Houses.

16.the bombs ignited a fire which destroyed some 60 Houses

17.the small Houses were in the nearest part of the city. square rooms opened on to a grid of narrow passages, criss-crossing to make streets.

18.shops, Houses, and vehicles were set ablaze.

19.'there was fire everywhere, ' she said. 'it burned away all the Houses. only concrete columns are still standing. '

20.the old Houses have been torn [ pulled] down.

21.the boom in building has resulted in the local land being more valuable now for Houses.

22.residents are advised not to put their rubbish bags on the pavement outside their Houses.

23.a number of Houses were burnt down in the fire.

24.all the Houses in this project are alike.

25.his wife went into the outhouse, which in old Houses was always right next to the pigpen.

26.developers will be hawking cut-price flats and Houses.

27.damaged Houses have been repaired, roads repaved and buildings retrofitted.

28.women were screaming; some of the Houses nearest the bridge were on fire

29.a few days later the young minister of a church near gates avenue passed the two Houses and saw the men working.

30.the landscape is distinctive too, with grand castles and half-timbered Houses topped by storks that look like the set of a disney movie.

31.there they learnt to build Houses.

32.some of the Houses nearest the bridge were on fire.

33.Houses had sprung up out of nowhere on the hills.

34.a few guest Houses had 'no vacancies' notices in their windows.

35.grief-stricken families searched the woods, the local buildings, and all the Houses and barns, but there was no sign of the missing girls.

36.the fabrics are sold wholesale to retailers, fashion Houses, and other manufacturers.

37.they lived in neatly-arranged little Houses.

38.the Houses are beautiful, but there's no shop, not even a pub to go into