Housemate Sentence Examples | Use Housemate in a sentence, my violent Housemate qualified for a gun license. she picks up her bolt-action rifle on wednesday.

2.helen is leaving next month so we're looking for a new Housemate.

3.when my Housemate asked me to go along to a bunch of pole dancing classes with her, i admit i was sceptical. best kitchen memory was back in march this year when my Housemate organized a birthday party with an animal theme.

5.we'll feed you, but we're not obliged to feed your cow and your cat and all that. so, keep a Housemate. or marry a wife; get married. ideal Housemate would be someone who is laid-back and drama-free.

7.i knew immediately that she was my Housemate on the other side of the partition.

8.angry roomie: michelle leaves Housemate chris a stern warning.

9."it was almost like he found a god, " said truman wood, his Housemate.

10.i had a Housemate once who was african american., my Housemate broke our shower and flooded the shop downstairs, trying to remove hair from the drain. Housemate tommy caplan was working in kennedy's office, so i knew what was going on there.

13.a Housemate of mine knew a woman who wanted to give away her baby.