Housekeeping Sentence Examples | Use Housekeeping in a sentence

1.after a few more Housekeeping checks, the penultimate step is to call the module's exit function (provided within the module itself). husband does all the Housekeeping. is high-quality to offer to customer, the high-quality Housekeeping personnel concerning foreign affairs.

4.for laundry service, dial 6 and you will get Housekeeping.

5.the manager decides room rates and manages the Housekeeping, accounting, sales, and maintenance departments. is always an idea that is both rigorous and can be applied. just a few words about Housekeeping.

7.schedules routine inspections by supervisors, of all Housekeeping areas including occupied and non-occupied rooms.

8.the only benefit gained from deleting an obsolete um dial plan is to reuse the name or perform general active directory Housekeeping.

9.she does not enjoy the details of Housekeeping. would not expect anyone so neat in her personal appearance to be slovenly in her Housekeeping.

11.will we need to rethink who is responsible for Housekeeping?

12.i thought that cooking and Housekeeping were unimportant, easy tasks.

13.if you aren't using them, why not do a little Housekeeping on your themes?

14.the hotel is highly praised for the circumspect and quick Housekeeping service by most guests.

15.good afternoon, Housekeeping department. james leaves the total tip for Housekeeping in the room just before he checks out, rather than leaving it out as a daily amount.

17.then you will make searches providing parts of recordings filename that correspond to Housekeeping information of you interest. get a new guest from the lobby to his cleaned room involves the front office , the uniformed services , and the Housekeeping department. might ask the Housekeeping clerk to mend it for you.

20.ensure that work products created by practitioners are managed appropriately and "good Housekeeping" practices are applied.

21.hotel Housekeeping service, room maintenance and information communication.

22.she spent all the Housekeeping money on a new coat. this case, hotel shall still have a Housekeeping department but to a minimum number of staff.

24.good afternoon, Housekeeping department. is there anyone to serve me?

25.keep good Housekeeping and6s;

26.i hate having to do your Housekeeping chores before i can get started working. case of any minor deficiencies, call the concerned departments (e. g. Housekeeping, engineering) immediately to follow up.

28.are john and mary married?& oh, on, it's just a case of light Housekeeping. far as i know, she has a faculty of Housekeeping.

30.what is the number for Housekeeping?

31.e.g.when asked to explain where all the Housekeeping money had gone, mary pointed to the rising prices.

32.okay, i'll make a few calls and run our order by Housekeeping first to make sure. is there anything else we need to order while i'm at it?

33.frank: for miss sue ellen and me to set up Housekeeping. was the first time since they had set up Housekeeping that she had dared to criticise one of the master's acts.

35.if the house seems dustier than it used to be, it may not be a reflection on your Housekeeping skills.

36.the front desk must prepare for a surge of arriving guests, and the Housekeeping department must make sure the rooms are ready when needed.

37.running a business heads the list of ambitions among the 1,000 people interviewed by good Housekeeping magazine.

38.our Housekeeping department has very good baby-sitting service.

39.all you could do was hope to find a good girl who could help you with the Housekeeping.