House Sentence Examples | Use House in a sentence

1.their villas Housed army officers now.

2.eventually she was fired from her job at a publishing House.

3.he lives with an aunt who keeps House for him.

4.before you lecture me, mr abbey, i suggest you set your House in order.

5.some members of the House and senate worked all day yesterday

6.he was a prefect and House captain.

7.juventus midfield outcast tiago mendes could be set for an immediate exit after he moved out of his House in turin.

8.the owner knew about the engagement and brought them glasses of champagne on the House.

9.all of the chickens in the hen House sat on perches, closed their eyes and got ready to sleep.

10.i was to go to the very top floor of bush House in aldwych.

11.a week later, sara and i attended open House at ted's school

12.many of the clothes come from the world's top fashion Houses

13.if he set his alarm clock for midnight, it would wake the whole House

14.they went into the House and when they saw the child with mary his mother , they knelt and worshiped him.

15.some think stempel's departure will help the company get its financial House in order's really an amazing dance. it just always brings the House down.

17.they played in front of a packed House.

18.the gesture was part of a broader effort by the white House and administration officials to corral congressional democrats for a vote.

19.many years later, the temple erected in her name was used to House the roman mint.

20.the building will House twelve boys and eight girls

21.mrs cade's House was only a few doors down from her daughter's apartment.

22.the republicans have majorities in both Houses. of these areas is employment and income, according to a recent report released by the white House.

24.i've just bought a new House

25.tweed ordered a carafe of the House wine.

26.yet, for all that, mr mishkin stuck to the fed's line that it should not have tried to restrain House prices with higher interest rates.

27.if you want me to leave this House, you'll have to carry me out feet first. i grew up with that feeling that the man is the head of the House.

29.for obama, it was a first step towards redemption of one of his signature campaign promises, within six months of coming to the white House. is in that spirit that i welcome each and every one of you to the white House.

31.she has moved to a smaller House.

32.i painted the inside of the House

33.the club is planning a public debate on 'this House believes that journalism has not gained from the introduction of new technology'.

34.i left my parents 'House, relinquished my estate and my patrimony.

35.the challenge for american leadership is this: can we put our economic House in order?

36.he went to the wrong House

37.the murder weapon is found in lincoln's House and the victim's blood is all over his clothes.

38.regrettably we have to House families in these inadequate flats.