Hourglass Sentence Examples | Use Hourglass in a sentence

1.Hourglass? female, because over time, the weight can shift to the bottom.

2.love is like an Hourglass, with the heart filling up as the brain empties.

3.a bright knot of gas and dust in the nebula's center is known as the Hourglass nebula.

4.half horizontal Hourglass, 1/ 2 roll up first, two opposite half roll second.

5.at the same time, combine with the measure method of gear measuring center and the character of Hourglass worm the method of error measurement is fixed.

6.this artifact, resembling an Hourglass, was capable of masking their pilgrimage from the eyes of their enemies.

7.you can increase your luck at work by wearing a charm in the form of an Hourglass.

8.researchers found a woman having an "Hourglass" shaped figure was more important for a man than her breast size or facial features.

9.time flowed through my fingers like sand in an Hourglass, never enough.

10.as is above, so is below-pyramids above and below forming an Hourglass that form the illusion of time.

11.now research suggests that women with an Hourglass figure are brighter and have cleverer children, too.

12.a team that's been yielded must turn this Hourglass over.

13.strange. as old as i am, i still feel deferential to you. perhaps maturity cannot be measured with an Hourglass.

14.an Hourglass ( especially on windows).

15.wherever you are, cyrus, i have my dragons. the sands in your Hourglass fall quickly indeed.

16.there's no spinning beachball or whirling Hourglass and no big application freeze.

17.but even a man who has been doing keg-stands is not likely to mistake a woman shaped like a fire hydrant for one shaped like an Hourglass.

18.high waist to hip ratios-or Hourglass figures-proved particularly stimulating.

19.just click the Hourglass and a thumbnail of past images will appear.

20.delicate rings of colourful glowing gas-nitrogen-red, hydrogen-green, and oxygen-blue-outline the tenuous walls of the Hourglass.

21.once the sands have run out of a person's Hourglass, they cannot be replaced.

22.the Hourglass was easy to use, but it had to be turned over every hour so the sand could flow again.

23.time flies, two years of university life is like a glass of the Hourglass, a little bit of engraved in memory.

24.like the Hourglass of the net, the death clock will remind you just how short life is.

25.they're out there. almost anywhere in the u. s. so, whatever you do, look out for that telltale red Hourglass. . .

26.so, by analyzing what's not there, we begin to fill the bottom of the Hourglass, which leads us to. . . the truth.

27.in fact, studies of isolated populations in peru and tanzania find that men there find Hourglass women sick-looking.

28.explanation: the sands of time are running out for the central star of this Hourglass-shaped planetary nebula.

29.Hourglass in the sand flow out so fast, you are still in the game of life.

30.when the Hourglass is turned with the upside down, it begins to mark the passing of another hour.

31.liposuction of the flanks, waist and hips is an adjunct to increase the Hourglass contours that we all desire.

32.on one side of the scales is an Hourglass, which symbolizes the time factor.

33.this man isn't who you think he is, he's the Hourglass.

34.giant star s106ir lies near the waist of the Hourglass. astronomers estimate the star could be up to 15 times more massive than our sun.

35.i need you to run a print on this Hourglass.

36.the influence of grinding wheel wear on transmission properties of quasi-plane double enveloping Hourglass worm gearing;

37.with the scythe and Hourglass.

38.so, after glass blowing was invented, the Hourglass came into use.

39.a gyroscope with an Hourglass in the center, but i don't remember it too clearly.