Hexapod Sentence Examples | Use Hexapod in a sentence

1.similar to the redeemer, the Hexapod can both deal and absorb a significant amount of damage.

2.the experiment results validated the rationality of gait generation design and feasibility of control method based on cpg applying in Hexapod robot walking among unstructured environment.

3.the omnidirectional gait of a Hexapod walking robot is studied in this paper. the static stability is analyzed.

4.the structure of the compliant Hexapod robot system consists of dc-motors, compliant legs, motor driving circuit and controller system.

5.just like the other epic units before it, the eradicator Hexapod can also be garrisoned with infantry.

6.based on the principles of bionics and the movement mechanism of the Hexapod, the triangle gait movement principle of Hexapod robot is analyzed.

7.ravagers - this will give your eradicator Hexapod a predominantly anti-infantry weapon, though it fares well against vehicles as well.

8.dynamics of Hexapod with closed-loop based on ab/ dts algorithm

9.the comparison of sports biomechanics of different types of gait posture; gait analysis and comparison of a Hexapod robot

10.the motion control of the Hexapod parallel mechanism with high speed and high acceleration depends on the accurate dynamics model, proper simplification and real-time computing.

11.we had a research three-legged gait on Hexapod bio-robot, and had a detailed analysis on straight walking gait and turning gait.

12.based on the three-legged gait characteristics of six-legged beetle, i analyzed the gait of Hexapod bio-robot, including the straight walking gait and the turning gait. ( 3) i did the kinematics analysis on Hexapod bio-robot according to the theory of robot kinematics.

13.i did the kinematics, inverse kinematics and velocity analysis on supporting legs and swing legs. ( 4) i did the dynamic analysis on Hexapod bio-robot according to the theory of robot dynamic.

14.research on miniature Hexapod robot and its control system

15.integrated design for configuration/ vibration control of Hexapod platform

16.dynamics modeling and simulation analysis of Hexapod parallel mechanism

17.the determination of forward displacement of Hexapod walking machine in tripod gait

18.the title of my dissertation is "to improve the emulational machine Hexapod's photokinesis".

19.the movement principle of Hexapod robot 'tripod gait, gait adjustment method, hardware circuits of infrared led switch are explained in the paper.

20.according to the composition theory of 6-dof parallel mechanism which based on single-open-chain units, comprehensive study for Hexapod suspension structure was carried out.

21.real-time navigation and localization for biologically inspired Hexapod robot based on gps

22.study of steering problem of the Hexapod research on the dynamics and kinematics of six-legged walking machine

23.the Hexapod has a high amount of hit points, which can be further augmented by the addition of up to three assimilator healing pods.

24.obviously a fairly well rounded choice if you are going for a straight forward eradicator Hexapod with no tricks.

25.design and vibration control of precision pointing Hexapod

26.as a result, this research provides a simple and effective geometric methodology for mechanism design and geometric parameter determination for the virtual-axis Hexapod machine.

27.the Hexapod robot is widely serviced among complicated and dangerous environment due to their multi-dof and stable locomotion.

28.assimilator - the assimilator, just like all engineer class infantry units garrisoned in an epic unit, heals the Hexapod slowly.

29.study on joint positions of leg mechanism in Hexapod walking robots based on closed loop vector method

30.a brief description of the modeling of the Hexapod is given in the first part of this contribution.

31.the eradicator Hexapod's initial weapons are plasma discs that resemble closely the devastator warship's weapon.

32.in this paper, the author explores the gait selection problem for a Hexapod robot for analyzing its stability and its kinematics performance.

33.a rudder servo controller for Hexapod robot platform is designed.

34.the eradicator Hexapod can garrison up to three infantry units to give it different weapons and abilities.

35.by making use of infrared led switch as detecting sensor for Hexapod robot movement gait, the tripod gait movement can be realized.

36.design of gaits movement controller for Hexapod bionic robot

37.according to the design mechanism of Hexapod robot, a kind of laterally-walking gait is planned based on the theoretical analysis, and its stability analysis is also done in this paper.

38.in this paper we elaborate some discussion and writer's actual experience aimed at post process of using ug software to identify two rotary axes of five-axis Hexapod machine centre and initialize beginning of procedure.

39.comparing with other walking robots, Hexapod robot has superior movement performance, better terrain adaptability and excellent stability.