Hermaphroditic Sentence Examples | Use Hermaphroditic in a sentence

1.all diploid species are Hermaphroditic and either self-fertile or self-sterile.

2.studies on the selection of hami melon Hermaphroditic mutant induced by space flight and its mutagenesis mechanism

3.no visible morphological difference were found among male, female and Hermaphroditic young flowers before Hermaphroditic stage.

4.initial-phase in sequentially Hermaphroditic species, the color pattern characteristic of smaller sexually mature individuals.

5.shrubs or trees, sometimes climbers or epiphytes, evergreen, Hermaphroditic or andromonoecious, unarmed.

6.shrubs or trees, evergreen, Hermaphroditic, andromonoecious or dioecious, unarmed, often glabrous, some with sharply aromatic herbage.

7.Hermaphroditic aquatic or terrestrial or parasitic annelids. most mammals live on land.

8.flowers dense, small, actinomorphic, Hermaphroditic or rarely unisexual and plants dioecious.

9.herbs perennial, Hermaphroditic or polygamous, with a bulb or less often a horizontal rhizome.

10.the formation of male flowers should be attributed to no development of pistils primordium, not pistils abortion of Hermaphroditic.

11.in their entire work as well, with the exception that they are Hermaphroditic.

12.getting back on topic, water bears are usually not Hermaphroditic , meaning that there are usually males and females.

13.endocrine characteristic of true Hermaphroditic pigs in pituitary-gonadal axis and adrenal gland

14.sex allocation in Hermaphroditic plants

15.if anything, he and his fellow anatomists envisioned it as an essentially Hermaphroditic organ.

16.preliminary report on selection and utilization of Hermaphroditic cucumber with long fruit

17.Hermaphroditic terrestrial and aquatic annelids having bristles borne singly along the length of the body.

18.a Hermaphroditic reproductive organ that produces both sperm and eggs, found in certain gastropods.

19.the Hermaphroditic phenomenon occurs during the age of 26 months to 32 months.

20.28the son's disappointment effected a castration of the Hermaphroditic mother: this was the patient's so-called castration complex.

21.three hermaphrodites were observed in triploids sampled, which the sex ratio was female 7: male 1. in addition, retardation of gonadal development and Hermaphroditic phenomenon of triploids are discussed in this paper.

22.on easterase zymograms and soluble protein profiles of normal Hermaphroditic isolates in pyricularia oryzae cav