Herculean Sentence Examples | Use Herculean in a sentence

1.breastfeeding a gassy baby can be a Herculean task, but it is well worth it.

2.digging the canal was a Herculean task.

3.the consortium began its Herculean task by looking at supply chain processes.

4.to attack this mass of granite, even by a mine, was Herculean work, and it was really vexing that nature could not help them at their need.

5.this Herculean task was ultimately completed, but with discouraging slowness.

6.these small feats seemed like Herculean accomplishm ents and slowly served to restore her depleted confidence.

7.these products are a positive start but it remains a Herculean task to recapture this lucrative market from apple and android.

8.despite our remarkable progress, the chinese banking sector still confronts Herculean tasks.

9.the two men made a Herculean effort to lift the fallen tree off the victim's car.

10.high-flying stunts were popular. Herculean physical feats were the standard. but it was the high tech plan to hijack a real plane as it flew over the circus that really hinted at something more than heterodox.

11.kapil sibal, the talented and energetic minister for human resource development has a Herculean task ahead.

12.you must make a Herculean effort not to talk to them about it.

13.this was probably the first project on which our team didn't have to work Herculean hours near the end of development and testing.

14.yet it might not be too Herculean a task to raise the money-if some chinese banks are ordered to cough up the funds.

15.maintaining five friendships promises to be a Herculean task, so i'm going to have to let one of you go.

16.but persuading large swathes of the citizenry to spend less time watching sport on television and more time actually working up a sweat is a Herculean task.

17.hannibal, a master of propaganda eager to create a reputation to equal that of alexander the great, followed the Herculean route to italy.

18.but determining what the impact might be for tens of thousands of medications is a Herculean task.

19.jos é mourinho talked of his affection for his players, because he has had to ask them for one last, Herculean effort time after time over the last few months.

20.he completed the translation of this monumental work with a Herculean effort.

21.fortunately, threats to european monetary union, so far, have been successfully fended off by the Herculean actions of the european community assisted by the international monetary fund.

22.nowadays, sound parenting is often more important to the viability of a man's offspring than Herculean strength.

23.therefore, it is a Herculean and long-term task for plant breeding workers to cultivate the germplasms of resistance to these factors.

24.cowperwood, after his Herculean labours of the morning, had, as has been said, driven rapidly to butler's house

25.among the Herculean tasks confronting large cities are slum clearance and traffic control.

26.he had repaired america's image ( hardly a Herculean task after the bush years).

27.today, Herculean efforts to save threatened species are unfolding at dozens of military sites across the nation, from eglin, fla.

28.lf he's going to hold his party together in this time of crisis, it will require a Herculean effort.

29.eradication of the alpine nomenclature is still proving a Herculean task.

30.to be fair, Herculean progress has already been made.

31.on coming to power in october 2009, the prime minister promised his eu colleagues a Herculean effort to root out corruption, improve tax collection, suppress the falsification of official statistics and downsize the public sector.

32.so what should investors make of all this? one lesson is that it shows the Herculean and creative lengths the fed went to, to keep the system afloat during 2008 and 2009.

33.the means and methods adopted to settle the contradiction were centralized power in state system to overcome political and social instability with Herculean state power.

34.jose mourinho's confidence has transformed the team, and lucio feels that, coupled with a Herculean effort, will guide them towards success.

35.she has had the Herculean task of bringing up four children single-handedly.

36.to mold a front against the japanese, however, was a task of Herculean proportions.

37.i snapped at my husband because he didn't appreciate this Herculean accomplishment on my part.