hemorrhoid Sentence Examples | Use hemorrhoid in a sentence

1.and to think i was ready to waste the last of my good hemorrhoid cream on you.

2.laser irradiation also has a number of ways, according to the different hemorrhoid different treatments.

3.observation on postoperative antalgic effect of sacral canal injection of morphine before mixed hemorrhoid operation

4.clinical study of operative of procedure for prolapse and hemorrhoids and repeated pph in treating severe hemorrhoid

5.conclusion: high-frequency capacitors field treatment instrument, milligan hemorrhoidectomy and pph all are effective treatment methods for mixed hemorrhoid.

6.conclusions general nursing intervention for patients after mixed hemorrhoid operation can raise their tolerance to pain, promote the incision healing and shorten the rehabilitation time.

7.objective to discuss the effect of nursing intervention on the recovery after mixed hemorrhoid operation.

8.comparison of copper ion electrochemistry with medication in treatment of internal hemorrhoid a drug ( or other chemical agent) that is effective against syphilis.

9.the patients suffering from hemorrhoids, because stimulation of capsaicin, hemorrhoid venous congestion and edema, can add to hemorrhoids, anal and even abscess formation.

10.objective to observe the clinic effect of ligating and hanging operating skill on circular mixed hemorrhoid.

11.if squatting does provide a health benefit, just as michael freilich stated in time, it comes in the form of hemorrhoid prevention.

12.for shame, leonard, for shame. and to think i was ready to waste the last of my good hemorrhoid cream on you.

13.chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, pregnancy, and portal hypertension enhance hemorrhoid formation.

14.the prolapsed hemorrhoid disappeared or dwindled postoperatively.

15.objective: to investigate the effect of experimental hemorrhoid and safety of kezhi suppository.

16.report of 60 cases of annular mixed hemorrhoid incarceration cooperatively treated with peri-rectum injection

17.hemorrhoid injection in treating adult total rectal prolapse in 117 patients

18.objective: to establish the standard of quality control of vitexicarpin in mongolian medicine hemorrhoid and fistula pill of six ingredients with hplc.

19.if a hemorrhoid bleeds, that's a severe case.

20.to our knowledge, the high level of fdg uptake in a hemorrhoid has not yet been reported.

21.objective: to discuss effect of nurse intervention upon postoperative complications of combined hemorrhoid.

22.procedure of doing pph twice in the treatment of internal rectal mucosal prolapse with severe hemorrhoid

23.hemorrhoid ( or pile): mass formed by distension of the network of veins supplying the anal canal.

24.objective: to explore more perfect operative methods in treatment of severe circumferential mixed hemorrhoid.

25.100 cases of treating hemorrhoid with catharsis capsulae.

26.procedure for prolapse and hemorrhoid versus milligan-morgan operation; observation of the closure of vitrectomy sclera wound with osseous nail

27.objective: to observe the glass alum treatment of hemorrhoid lotion hip bath edema after a margin of the clinical efficacy.

28.the clinical observation on mixed hemorrhoid of horizontal form suturing internal hemorrhoid and resection external hemorrhoid and retain tooth line

29.conclusion acute incarcerated hemorrhoid surgery for early treatment can achieve a remarkable effect.

30.pph surgical treatment of 180 cases of annular mixed hemorrhoid surgery compared with the traditional analysis

31.hemorrhoid; stapler device; doubleexcisionclosed.

32.objective to explore the best method for promoting postoperative rehabilitation of annular mixed hemorrhoid.

33.he is the author of constipation, acne, hemorrhoid, and fatty acid e-books.

34.behavioral intervention in patients underwent stapler upper hemorrhoid mucosa cerclage

35.mixed hemorrhoid; postoperative analgesia; sacral canal; morphine.

36.abstract: objective to observe the clinical effect of trigeminal therapy on aged patient with incarcerated hemorrhoid.

37.objective to explore the feasibility and practicability of treating hemangiomas with eliminating hemorrhoid sovereign remedy.

38.clinical observation of complex prescription of matrine soup for edema of crissum of postoperative of mixed hemorrhoid

39.if your hemorrhoid becomes inflamed and swollen, you can use an ice pack on it.

40.the invention provides a new drug for treating hemorrhoid and a pharmaceutical preparation method.