Hemming Sentence Examples | Use Hemming in a sentence

1.for long he muttered to himself, staring at smee, who was Hemming placidly, under the conviction that all children feared him.

2.i decided on my own time to go in and fix the shirt by Hemming it up a couple of inches.

3.as allison Hemming, founder of the hired guns talent agency, says, "be the phoenix. this could be your opportunity to rise to the top. "

4.the pre-hem kinematic equations can be used to all the fem simulation of similar Hemming to obtain a more accurate simulation results.

5.costume designer lindy Hemming based the joker's look around his personality, in which "he doesn't care about himself at all."

6.easy to cut to desired length , no Hemming needed .

7.processing analyzing and mould design for Hemming the backboard of minisize truck

8.compact design, simple operation, to replace the traditional sticky notes Hemming or oil, such as cumbersome process.

9.by the 1920s, however, suburbs in many parts of the country began to incorporate and to assert home rule, Hemming cities in.

10.after some Hemming and hawing, his public relations representative sent over this statement: "at evercore wealth management, we are exploring opportunities to leverage the diversified market hedges portfolio in various vehicles, including mutual funds."

11.according to the geometry of sheet, the Hemming process can be divided into four categories: flat surface-straight edge Hemming, flat surface-curve edge Hemming, curve surface-straight edge Hemming and curve surface-curve edge Hemming.

12.after much Hemming and hawing, the bank staff finally ushered her// into// the president's office.

13.the Hemming method most frequently utilized in the sample room is the plain hem stitch. the folded edge of the hem or binding may be used with this finish.

14.the enemy troops were Hemming us in .

15.Hemming's account does not accord with the police evidence.

16.philip stayed at the hotel, according to mr Hemming

17.the design of the equipment of Hemming die about the homemade motor ′ s door

18.wire cutting technology for flanging float piece in Hemming die

19.kinematics simulation of car's Hemming machine based function drive

20.study and application of zg-2 Hemming adhesive for automobile

21.as the last step of the automotive panels stamping, Hemming has significant impact on the forming quality of the appearance and the dimensions on the edge of the automotive panels.

22.upstairs about 30 young staff work their sewing machines, Hemming as the radio hums.

23.slip the needle through the folded edge when Hemming a sheer fabric.

24.the woman began going through her pictures, Hemming and hawing about her selection.

25.the new york times, john Hemming amazonia is one of the most magnificent habitats on earth.

26.all ideas of stopping holes and Hemming in the german intruders are vicious.

27.using multiple liner regression analysis the relation of the Hemming defects and the Hemming parameters can provide references for the Hemming parameters selection.

28.the fem model of this Hemming mechanism was built using explicit fem method.

29.i don't think Hemming pants is that unusual.

30.he is always Hemming and hawing over things; he is lacking in the ability to take charge.

31.this paper presented the technical process of the robot roll Hemming which was used for the manufacture of auto door panels.

32.if anything, the regime's tactics may now be Hemming it in rather than its people.

33.though occasionally Hemming dresses bond's women in her own designs she always gleans their stand-out pieces straight off the pages of vogue.

34.this paper presents a new application of electroplastic effect: electroplastic roll Hemming process. and the preliminary study and discussion on this process is carried out in this paper, as summarized below: 1.

35.over there towards the far end of the wall, are ten Hemming machines.