Hemispheric Sentence Examples | Use Hemispheric in a sentence

1.monday's announcement came just days before a summit of Hemispheric leaders in trinidad and tobago.

2.as american diplomats were never able to overcome chile's opposition, wilson's plan for western Hemispheric league of nations collapsed.

3.the critical period for language acquisition coincides with the time during which the brain's Hemispheric lateralization for language and other cognitive skills takes place.

4.Hemispheric specialization effects in visual image generation

5.Hemispheric processing in the construction of representation during chinese reading comprehension; the right side of the brain is known as the creative side.

6.conclusions the effect of lett Hemispheric cerebral hemorrhage on heart function are different from the effect of right one.

7.the locations of left and right cerebral Hemispheric lesions induced hsn were similar.

8.Hemispheric specialization in animal.

9.anomaly patterns of southern Hemispheric atmospheric circulation associated with interdecadal variability of summer precipitation in north china interdecadal variation of northern hemisphere summer sea level pressure in ncep/ ncar reanalysis data

10.use of the baseline nihss score to predict stroke outcome must take Hemispheric lateralization into account.

11.s. energy policy should be increasingly western Hemispheric -- just as china's energy policy is increasingly middle eastern.

12.these systems, when fully deployed, are expected to provide a regional, and potentially Hemispheric , continuous surveillance capability.

13.the main products are surveillance camera housings, waterproof infrared camera, infrared camera series of Hemispheric integration camera series, flying saucer-camera series.

14.that could encourage those states to move closer to china and thus allow the emergence of a greater china of truly Hemispheric proportions.

15.the right Hemispheric dominance was more significant when the response hand was handedness .

16.relationships between Hemispheric dominance cognitive styles and big five personality traits

17.in this paper the comparison between calculation and test results of the half Hemispheric solar collector and flat plate solar collector is made.

18.the jesuit interlude in china: role of jesuits in science, military technology, and philosophy east and west. Hemispheric meeting of ministers responsible for science and technology

19.it's as if they already have an optimum amount of Hemispheric cross-talk so that the eye movements make no difference.

20.we evaluated the influence of Hemispheric lateralization among patients enrolled in prospective acute stroke trials.

21.double-c-shape decompressive craniectomy for massive Hemispheric infarction a fishbone got stuck in his throat, and after a long wrestle, he managed to swallow it down.

22.this exercise is thought to help increase inter-Hemispheric communication.

23.cerebral palsy conclusion: Hemispheric dominance cognitive styles are related to neuroticism, extraversion, openness and conscientiousness.

24.clinton's brazil meetings were otherwise dominated by Hemispheric issues including aid to earthquake-stricken chile and haiti and the aftermath of last year's coup in honduras.

25.a primary analysis of the process of the 1960s northern Hemispheric summer climatic jump

26.an experimental study on functional Hemispheric lateralization in cognitive processing arabic numerals and numerals in capitals of chinese characters

27.president chavez' diplomatic announcement came near the end of day-long Hemispheric consultations at the fifth summit of the americas.

28.the same factors that produce left Hemispheric damage may be instrumental in producing damage to higher-level memory circuits.

29.objective: relationships between Hemispheric dominance cognitive styles and big five personality traits were investigated.

30.zeigarnik effect in insight problem solving: Hemispheric difference in brain activities following problem solving and during hint presentation

31.so people inhabiting northern Hemispheric environments, were bereft of the potential to make vitamin d in their skin, for most of the year.

32.land cover change and the dust it produces in the qaidam basin may influence regional and Hemispheric climate.

33.humans have a 'Hemispheric bias' when it comes to communication, with different aspects of language favouring the left or right side of the brain.

34.anomaly patterns of southern Hemispheric atmospheric circulation associated with interdecadal variability of summer precipitation in north china the linkages between the antarctic oscillation and the northern hemisphere circulation anomalies

35.are reconstructed pre-instrumental Hemispheric temperatures consistent with instrumental Hemispheric temperatures?

36.measurement of surface bidirectional reflectance distribution based on optical fiber array in Hemispheric space

37.true north ( north according to the earth's axis, not magnetic north) the influence of tropical indian ocean warming on the southern Hemispheric stratospheric polar vortex