Hemerocallis Sentence Examples | Use Hemerocallis in a sentence

1.studies on propagation technology of Hemerocallis horticulture variety

2.study on cross compatibility of different Hemerocallis varieties and their seed germination force

3.a study on purification of the eutrophic water with Hemerocallis fulva linn. cultured on artificial substratum

4.viability of the pollen of Hemerocallis hybridus under different media and store conditions after seven or eight years day lilies become root-bound and will not bloom well unless they are divided.

5.weeding results of post-emergence herbicides on chomophyte in Hemerocallis hybrida

6.study on the seeds micro-morphological characteristics of Hemerocallis and its taxonomic significance

7.studies on pollen morphology of Hemerocallis in northwest china

8.study on comparison of callus-induction of Hemerocallis 'stella deoro' using different explants

9.effects on physiological characteristics of Hemerocallis middendorfii species and the role of calcium mitigation under water stress

10.daylily ( Hemerocallis fulva) is a kind of high nutritional vegetable which used as both food and medicine in china.

11.the possibility of using rapid clonal propagation via tissue culture for Hemerocallis fulva and the cost reduction of culture in vitro were also discussed.

12.karyotype evidence for distinguishing between Hemerocallis esculenta and h. middendorfii

13.this paper introduces the technology of developing complex flowers juice drink by using Hemerocallis fulva l. as main raw material.

14.selection of the tissue culture methods of high salt-resistance Hemerocallis middendorfii

15.suppression of nitrosation by extracts of daylily ( Hemerocallis fulva) flowers

16.the experiments were used the stem with growing point of double flower Hemerocallis fulva as test plant. the ms and 1/ 2 ms as culture medium were each added different concentration 2,4-d, 6-ba and naa.

17.a study on some biochemical components in blood and cerebrospinal fluid ( csf) in goats poisoned by Hemerocallis roots

18.the experiments indicate that the contents of microelements in Hemerocallis fulva are rich and it has good food safety.

19.relationship of Hemerocallis spp. wild species and cultivars by aflp marker

20.to be plants are: golden leaf euonymus fortunei, oxalis, jinshan spiraea, the united states and kam, the dolls Hemerocallis fulva, iris, fu-lu examination, reptiles such as euonymus.

21.study on antimicrobial action of compound extract from licorice and Hemerocallis flava

22.the main biochemical components in blood and csf of 17 cases of experimentally poisoned by Hemerocallis roots were studied.

23.studying on tissue culture techniques for a Hemerocallis middendorfii, golden boy

24.studies on the rapid propagation of "hongbaoshi" Hemerocallis hybrida by tissue culture

25.datong yellow: yellow, scientific name Hemerocallis, commonly known as day lily flowers, is a high nutritional value of vegetables.

26.the primary culture and the establishment of clone of Hemerocallis fulva var. flore-pleno; rapid propagation technology study on variable plant of tobacco variety "hongda"

27.the primary study on selection high salt resistane Hemerocallis middendorfii by tissue culture methods

28.research on the introduction of Hemerocallis dumortieri variety and its cultivation technique

29.research on the application of Hemerocallis in shanghai green space

30.diagnosis and treatment of ovine radix Hemerocallis poisoning in datong prefecture

31.an ionexchange method with conducting detection was established to measure sulfite in Hemerocallis citrina baroni.

32.study on conditions for inhibiting browning in the process of dehydrated Hemerocallis citrina baroni

33.Hemerocallis fulva, also called "xuancao" in chinese, has a long history in china. "xuan" means to forget, so the ancients also called it wangyou cao ( forgetting sadness grass).

34.objective: to provide scientific basis for large scale production by studying the technique of tissue culture of Hemerocallis hybrida.

35.this paper studies the megasporogenesis, microsporogenesis and development of female and male megasporogenesis by way of paraffin wax of Hemerocallis citrine baroni.

36.analysis of a section of Hemerocallis species and varieties by ssr-pcr

37.ms culture media containing different concentration of naa were used to regenerate roots from Hemerocallis hybrida calli and re grown shoots without roots.

38.Hemerocallis citrina baroni, which edible part is bud, belongs to day lily of liliaceae and is characteristic vegetable in our country.