Help Sentence Examples | Use Help in a sentence

1.has somebody Helped himself to some film star's diamonds?

2.i can't Help feeling sorry for the poor man

3.can you come and Help me with my maths ? sure. how about this afternoon ? ok.

4.calluma is one of a growing number of services to Help travellers who find themselves in tricky situations abroad.

5.he was screaming for Help

6.he can't Help a suppressed giggle.

7.'Help!' i screamed, turning to run.

8.i could not Help but think this is a very queer life. can of course Help by giving them a donation directly

10.she Helped her sit up in bed so she could hold her baby.

11.america's priority is to Help nations defend themselves

12.'please don't cry.' — 'i can't Help it.'

13.there's bread on the table. Help yourself

14.the right style of swimsuit can Help to hide, minimise or emphasise what you want it to

15.i am trying to Help you to understand truly the completeness of life. weight has now returned to its normal level and for a few weeks i've been able to walk without Help.

17.i agree, daughter, it is not going to be easy to find Help for you but, surely, there is nothing more you owe anyone?

18.he tries to Help people with problems, but firmly believes they should do more to Help themselves.

19.the books were not much Help.

20.martin Helped tanya over the rail

21.if you're not willing to Help me, i'll find somebody who will.

22.jerry and lise know their romance inflicts hurt on others, but they can't Help themselves

23.i was only trying to Help

24.thank you. you've been a great Help already.

25.i allowed her to Help me to my feet

26."there's room there to Help, but whether it's as much as people want we'll have to figure out, " he said.

27.come and Help me up!

28.she's been a lot of Help

29.however, when you relax the mind to look for it, it will not Help to come out with you.

30.building more motorways and bypasses will Help the environment by reducing pollution and traffic jams in towns and cities

31.just Help yourself to leaflets.

32.if you get stuck, click on Help. mum used to Help cook the meals for the children

34.i can't Help feeling that this may just be another of her schemes

35.facing this, to Help wushu out of the plight becomes a problem to be solved in theoretical research.

36.i could cook your supper, though, if that would Help.

37.understanding these rare molecules will Help chemists to find out what is achievable

38.she'd been away a week, researching a possible television program, with the Help of her friend moira.

39.he said ships and boats have been dispatched from two other coastal cities, rizhao and yantai, to Help haul away the algae.

40.he has Helped to raise a lot of money