Heliocentric Sentence Examples | Use Heliocentric in a sentence

1.aristarchus had more than 200 years earlier come up with a Heliocentric model of the solar system.

2.in this paper, it is shown that the aberration angles of i type cometary tails do not have a clear change with the Heliocentric distance, but they have a slow change with the solar latitude.

3.he also propounded the Heliocentric theory of gravitation, thus predating copernicus by almost one thousand years.

4.nicolas copernicus challenged the mindset and found that it was Heliocentric.

5.had it not met an untimely death, the comet would have been ejected back into Heliocentric orbit within a few hundred years.

6.the introduction of the Heliocentric theory proposed by copernicus into china is a major event in the cultural exchange between china and the west.

7.the achievement in astronomy was the revival and proof of the Heliocentric theory that is regarding the sun as center.

8.early verifications of the Heliocentric theory

9.according to patched conic assumption, gravity-assist trajectory can be divided into two major segments: the Heliocentric transfer segment and the planet centric flyby segment.

10.this shock surface deviate from a sphere, but the deviation decrease with Heliocentric distance;

11.also the geocentric and Heliocentric average of the five major planets with mars left out, is of great importance and should be watched.

12.an ancient greek astronomer who was one of the first to propose a Heliocentric theory of the universe ( ca. 270 bc).

13.it is of much interest that comet halley showed very long and straight main tail ( tail streamer) at larger Heliocentric distance.

14.for example, copernicus's Heliocentric theory is an example.

15.by analysing the history of geotectonic hypotheses and drawing lessons from the foundation of Heliocentric theory in astronomy, and in the light of epistemology the authors hold that new hypothesis of geotectonics must be established on irrefutable geological phenomena but multi-solvable data and deductions.

16.a solar polar mission trajectory design is performed using this method in the low-thrust Heliocentric transfer orbit design.

17.in1497, astronomer corpernicus proposed the Heliocentric cosmology from his observations and calculations of the motion of the heavenly bodies.