Held Sentence Examples | Use Held in a sentence

1.the election was Held six months ahead of schedule

2.they Held him for three hours and they let him go

3.it did not matter whether or not the jury agreed with that belief, only that the accused honestly Held it.

4.this afternoon the palestinians Held an impromptu press conference

5.accounting personnel shall also be Held liable if they do not submit a report to the head of the superior administrative unit.

6.yesterday, the men's families Held a news conference in their campaign to find out the truth

7.she had been Held in solitary confinement for four months

8.the first debate was supposed to have been Held on tuesday.

9.some clamps that had Held the device together came undone.

10.two masked men Held up a mail van.

11.the engineer and his son Held frequent consultations concerning technical problems

12.he had Held many important offices in the french cabinet.

13.he Held off the chill with thoughts of his wife and four grown daughters, one of whom was eight months pregnant.

14.the curtains were Held back by tassels.

15.he conducted without a score and with his eyes closed, the better to visualize the perfect sound he Held in his mind.

16.he was also confused when a driver said he would pick him up at six o'clock, and Held his right band in a gesture familiar to himself.

17.two white bulls were sacrificed and a feast was Held.

18.earlier this month, a luncheon for former un staff was Held in vienna.

19.with a conspiratorial grin on her face, karen Held up a wooden box filled with short pieces of chalk in every color of the rainbow.

20.he Held a match while she lit up

21.the meeting was Held away from the attentions of the media

22.i was close to tears with frustration, but i Held back.

23.we Held a team meeting and a few home truths were spelled out.

24.we Held each other's hand, not knowing what to say.

25.if any provision of this agreement is Held to be unenforceable , it shall not affect any other provisions of this agreement.

26.if we needed any more proof that it was great wall we were standing on, it came in the form of the ming brick will Held in his hand.

27.the committee Held its founding congress in the capital, riga

28.guerillas captured and briefly Held an important provincial capital.

29.the ceremony was being Held outdoors.

30.i Held it still and drove in a nail.

31.mr cohen Held discussions at the embassy with one of the rebel leaders.

32.thousands of farmers from across europe have Held a huge demonstration in the centre of brussels

33.to strengthen his position in parliament, he Held talks with leaders of the peasant party

34.in august 1968 women Held a demonstration at the miss america beauty pageant.

35.the 1983 elections were Held a year early, and were a direct result of an abortive military coup attempt on august 1, 1982.

36.the two sides Held talks on questions of common interest.

37.lee clawed his way back in the first, but lin Held his nerve, aggressively attacking the net to wrap up the first game.

38.the professional cricketers 'association Held its annual dinner in london.

39.the campaigners Held a sit-in outside the supreme court.