Hedger Sentence Examples | Use Hedger in a sentence

1."anybody that starts off as a Hedger becomes a gambler and i have taken too many losses from hedging, so i don't do it anymore, " he says.

2.in this paper the classic design of futures market innovation is researched by genetic algorithms. on the basis of the model of the Hedger and speculator number, and the construction of future contract, the chromosomes representation and operation are framed, simulation is performed.

3.the method can be used to transfer market risks and expose the stock package of the Hedger and partial profit related to market to the market risk.

4.based on the theory of survive-existence from Hedger, there is definitely no possibility for a substantial object to be in accordance with its statement, for they are totally different.

5.then, at a later date, before the futures Hedger would take a second position.

6.transaction costs Hedger's attitude to risk and variance of exchange rate: hedging with forwards/ futures

7.a traditional view of truth in Hedger ' s view and its limitation

8.market traders include Hedgers, arbitragers and speculators. the approaches proposed in this paper are mainly for Hedger and arbitrager, with little contribution to speculators.

9.this paper deals with the problem of determining locally risk-minimizing hedging strategies when the Hedger's liablities are described by a general payoff stream.

10.at the same time, affected by chinese traditional thought, Hedger's thought has what meaning for chinese aesthetics?

11.the purpose of hedge transaction is Hedger transfer risk of price fluctuation on spot market. the result of hedge is usually affected by basis change. so basis risk can change the result of hedge.

12.the minimum variance strategy of hedging thinks differently viewing hedging as an investment portfolio in both current market and futures market. a Hedger decides his position in both markets based on the expected return of the portfolio and its variance.

13.futures markets there are two major functions, the first is the price found, the second is hedge, Hedger transfer price risk transfer to go out and reached for the costs and operating profit for the purpose of the city.

14.i have already mentioned the labour of the Hedger and ditcher, of the builder of walls or dykes.

15.thus the size of the spot price skewness coefficient is a measure of hedging participation level of the Hedger. the revel of selective hedging is rising as the coefficient increasing.

16.the var optimal hedge ratio is composed of two parts, which are the part of reflecting the speculating demand of Hedger and the part of pure hedging, and therefore, it could further discuss the meaning of hedge ratio.