Hearer Sentence Examples | Use Hearer in a sentence

1.the Hearers of a maritime administrative agency include the presiding Hearer, hearing officers, and hearing clerks.

2.to assist the presiding Hearer in organizing the hearing.

3.during the course of communication, pragmatic reasoning is the joint of how the speaker expresses himself in a proper way and how the Hearer understands it.

4.believe with your whole heart, that just as you present yourself to god as a supplicant, so god presents himself to you as the Hearer of prayer.

5.directives: directives are attempts by the speaker to get the Hearer to do something.

6.while the speaker is careless, the Hearer is attentive.

7.preparatory condition: speaker believes that a was not in Hearer's best interest.

8.do not tell a good story even though you know one; its narration will simply remind your Hearer of a bad one.

9.i take it for granted that no Hearer of mine will misinterpret what i have to say as the language of cynicism.

10.acoustic phonetic studies the physical properties of speech sounds, the way sounds travel from the speaker to the Hearer.

11.opposition was especially strong in africa under augustine , who for nine years had been a Hearer.

12.he was not just a Hearer but a doer of his father's will.

13.but the Hearer could control the self-scale, and has more initiative and freedom, it means the inevitability of the error between "say" and "listen".

14.directives: trying to get the Hearer to do something.

15.communication of whatever sort involves not just a speaker but a Hearer too.

16.the speaker held his audience spellbound. to assist the presiding Hearer in organizing the hearing.

17.according to relevance theory, the goal of human communication is to achieve optimal relevance-an expectation on the part of the Hearer that his endeavors at interpretation will yield adequate contextual effects at minimal processing effort.

18.the goal of discourse presents the very information that is to be imparted to the Hearer, and is called rheme.

19.in this sentence, although the speaker did not mention who should do homework, but clearly refers to the Hearer.

20.a preacher should also be able to make the Hearer understand the truth using diverse techniques that may help achieve the final goal of what the preacher preaches.

21.ideational function ( halliday): the function to convey new information or to convey a content that is unknown to the Hearer.

22.bur first, asclepios, go away for a little while and look for another Hearer for our discourse.

23.the goal of inferential pragmatics is to explain how the Hearer infers the speaker's meaning on the basis of the evidence provided.

24.for if a man be a Hearer of the word, and not a doer, he shall be compared to a man beholding his own countenance in a glass.

25.what must a Hearer know about a speaker to be entitled to trust his assertions?

26.since a game is an interaction among players, a game can be regarded as a linguistic communication or action conversation between the speaker and the Hearer.

27.he knew that his Hearers wanted to hear this story

28.context is regarded as constituted by all kinds of knowledge assumed to be shared by the speaker and the Hearer.

29.verbal communication is a bilateral process for participants, which include choice-making on the part of the speaker and interpreting of the Hearer.

30.he knew that the death was coming never and Hearer.

31.verbal communication is an interactive process involving utterance production by the speaker and utterance understanding by the Hearer, with the latter being a key point in successful communication.

32.these reasons operated on the mind of the Hearer.

33.the Hearer is advised not to think like that.

34.never did funeral knell, never did alarm-bell, produce a greater effect on the Hearer.

35.for if any of these propositions is a familiar fact, there is no need even to mention it; the Hearer adds it himself.

36.in everyday english, when the semantic meaning of the speaker crosses with that of the Hearer, humor is formed.

37.jokes establish an intimacy between the teller and the Hearer.