Heap Sentence Examples | Use Heap in a sentence

1.when a java application is deployed onto a liberty runtime, it runs in a jvm Heap.

2.the nested and elements describe the Heap used by the large and small object areas.

3.now tell me what has happened since you wise men knew no better than to make a Heap of cinders of me?

4.she turned her face away from him, burrowing into her Heap of covers.

5.thousands of europe's tanks and guns are going to the scrap Heap.

6.he used to Heap scorn on dr vazquez's socialist ideas.

7.a Heap of loose fragments, which had fallen from above, blocked up the face of the quarry and my first employment was to clear them away.

8.this parameter is not the size of the individual application control Heap of each application in an application group.

9.the young footballer collapsed in a Heap after a heavy tackle.

10.you have Heaps of time

11.this is now on the Heap it's four bytes so what gets stored in x?

12.size-lists the size of this data structure/ region in the primary Heap dump.

13.this sort Heap is the area where data is sorted.

14.clothes were thrown in the luggage in an untidy Heap.

15.object pooling helps level out the number of allocations made on the Heap, since the most common objects in an application can be pooled.

16.after a few days or weeks, that shiny new project is going to lose its appeal and end up in the unfinished Heap along with everything else.

17.the tower collapsed in a Heap of ruin.

18.our outlook at this time was that london, except for its strong modern buildings, would be gradually and soon reduced to a rubble-Heap.

19.this parameter sets aside a place in the Heap for class objects to be stored.

20.the head of the navy Heaped scorn on both the methods and motives of the conspirators.

21.lee and i fell in a tangled Heap

22.this kind of analysis is best done from a Heap or system dump.

23.java Heaps are commonly configured with a minimum and a maximum Heap size.

24.she was unkempt , as if the past few days did not wash their faces, just like climbing out from a garbage Heap.

25.ordinary workers in state industry, once favoured, suddenly found themselves at the bottom of the Heap.

26.mrs. madrigal Heaped more carrots onto michael's plate.

27.i use the Heap profiler in this article to test and illustrate how the javascript runtime handles memory.

28.can you tell how many jin of apples there are in this Heap?

29.he has dug up the tiles that cover the floor and left them in a Heap.

30.aix uses a memory-segmented architecture that limits the total number of segments used for shared memory and Heap.

31.it's pointing at a different place in the Heap.

32.then when he fell on the dry branches like a bundle of wood, the militiamen were on him in a Heap.

33.this specifies the size of the Heap.

34.it's too bad to see a fresh flower on a Heap of cow-dung. he'll be the ruin of her!

35.the Heap dump report consists of two files, a log-hd file and a log-hdcnm file.

36.a handle provides a reference to a javascript object's location in the Heap.

37.for a control, it provides the name and description of the control, as well as the size of the run-time Heap.

38.like the load utility, you can specify how much memory you want to grasp from the utility Heap to run this utility.

39.this can improve application performance by avoiding the garbage collector unnecessarily shrinking the Heap.

40.i got in a Heap of trouble.