Healthful Sentence Examples | Use Healthful in a sentence sufficient and Healthful for you and your family prepared in your own home by you.

2.many chinese believe that it is Healthful to air clothes out in the sun.

3.nearly all viruses can be held in check by basic hygiene and a Healthful lifestyle.

4.fruits, and nuts are just a few of the foods that are Healthful snacks.

5.all vegetables are Healthful foods.

6.and satan peeled off the Healthful skin and sliced the starchy center into chips and deep-fried them.

7.the Healthful air at the seaside is good for you.

8.sole fillet baked in a pumpkin with Healthful multicolor vegetables and a rich, creamy, nutty sauce.

9.give it a try for 30 days. this can be a great opportunity to experience the effect this Healthful regimen has on your body.

10.try eating apple slices with a little bit of peanut butter, which is a great source of Healthful fat and protein.

11.well, i go jogging every morning, eat a Healthful diet and work out in a gymnasium twice a week.

12.i've created and published a book of low-fat recipes and run workshops and seminars on Healthful eating.

13.a child has the right to grow up in a Healthful, caring environment, where caring is applied to circumstances rather than to persons.

14.many of these deaths are premature and could be delayed with the adoption of a more Healthful diet , physical activity and not smoking.

15.other studies have shown that a Healthful diet is still important, but so are other choices.

16.if country life be Healthful to the body, it is no less so to the mind.

17.chinese cooking is both low in calories and Healthful.

18.the orientals use no butter. they prefer the very Healthful peanut oil.

19.the girl believes vegetables are more Healthful, so she rarely eats meat.

20.some of this information is helpful and Healthful. unfortunately, some is inaccurate and even dangerous., fish oil might in fact have a Healthful role in some circumstances.

22.Healthful, filling, and tasty, bananas are one of the nature's ideal snacks.

23.a "vegetarian" diet rich in deep-fried or high-fat foods is far from Healthful.

24.does the college cafeteria provide a Healthful diet?

25.nutritionist and author jonny bowden has created several lists of Healthful foods people should be eating but aren 't.

26.for one thing, wealthy people will be able to buy more Healthful foods.

27.the japanese have a longer life expectancy than any other people, for their diet is extremely Healthful.

28.the Healthful man can give counsel to the sick.

29.marked by deprivation especially of the necessities of life or Healthful environmental influences.

30.a sweat will do you good. plenty of sleep is Healthful.

31.michelle obama said the maingoldgoal of the garden is to educate children and influence communities to choose and prepare Healthful food.

32.we hope that all these measures will be effective and bring back a Healthful environment.

33.when you need a snack that's easy to pack in your gym bag, cereal bars can be a Healthful option.

34.sports is Healthful, it can make you healthy.

35.this may be one of the reasons for the great attractiveness and fascination of the Healthful beverage called kombucha.

36.or quarantine procedures but by small, simple steps of personal and public hygiene and individual Healthful lifestyles.

37.while fruit is high in sugar, it beats chocolate cake and ice cream as a Healthful option.

38."we know more than ever about the science of nutrition, and yet we have not yet been able to move the needle on Healthful eating, " he said.

39.doing morning exercises is very Healthful.

40.the different ways in which individuals respond to stress may bring Healthful or unhealthy results.