Haw-haw Sentence Examples | Use Haw-haw in a sentence

1.those i write down, we are all the same , you want joyful good divination, mark's miss my chinese - style coat , Haw-haw .

2.Haw-haw, is looking at self once childish , be really laughable.

3.Haw-haw , it is very cool this morning. the nice and cool wind stirs up the ardor of our hearts.

4.Haw-haw , maree told me that time she was very confused because she got too many instructions from the guys in the vehicle.

5.believe be that self is unable to find true love , Haw-haw , serve as self come across be how to cherish.

6.Haw-haw , when asking for instruction i got butterflies in my stomach. now, i could have a good rest for 10min.

7.Haw-haw, all the students in senior-grade-three are free.

8.Haw-haw . . . nothing good to say today.

9.i have already hardly been concerned with my own a great event in one's life now, as long as what relation Haw-haw the cheerful person away from home who lives with neither has!

10.this is my first bilingual english-chinese article. Haw-haw, i have brewed it for a long time. eventually, it becomes true!

11.Haw-haw, i am a young cook of genius!