Haply Sentence Examples | Use Haply in a sentence

1.and Haply the queen_moon is on her throne.

2.Haply i may remember, and Haply i may forget.

3.and Haply may forget.

4.so, Haply, are they friends to antony.

5.lest Haply if they of macedonia come with me, and find you unprepared, we ( that we say not, ye) should be ashamed in this same confident boasting.

6.lest Haply they should turn agian , and it should be forgiven them.

7.serve your lord who created you and those before you; Haply ye may fear!

8.and Haply of our old acquaintance tell.

9.but if it be of god, ye cannot overthrow it; lest Haply ye be found even to fight against god.

10.i agree with Haply his conclusion, do not agree with the basis that he concludes however.

11.tender is the night, and Haply the queen-moon is on her throne. cluster'd around by all starry fays.

12.or Haply cut me short for good? or leave me here as now.

13.Haply, zhu pingzhen's symphony of literature, art and education is comprised of three sections, which may be metaphorically called "the three stars in the sky".

14.verily many things are wondrous, and Haply tales decked out with cunning fables beyond the truth make false men's speech concerning them.

15.make answer muse, wilt thou not Haply say.

16.betrayed by a word Haply overheard.