Hapless Sentence Examples | Use Hapless in a sentence

1.you mourn my Hapless woe;

2.it might feel like you're attending to the speeding car and the Hapless child at the same time, but it's just consciousnesses up to its old tricks.

3.i'm happy that we didn't bombard a Hapless team and stay under an illusion that we've played great football.

4.it seems that many of the weird space launch tales involve some sort of Hapless animal. this one is no different.

5.he has used his financial advantage to unleash an advertising barrage against these Hapless foes.

6.some Hapless programmer is then pulled off useful work and forced to work on this new feature.

7.when the craze is over, some Hapless investor will be left with a worthless piece of property.

8.the Hapless mr cameron was now the most unpopular prime minister in british history.

9.the highest score was earned by the Hapless teacher of a first-year course on national income accounting.

10.this is because you, the Hapless passenger, are being held captive for what is likely to be if my experience is anything to go by a frustratingly long time.

11.they set up a sharpened stake in the square beside the harbour, stripped the Hapless hero naked and lowered him on to it.

12.if it is honest journeywork, yet lacks purchasers, at most you may call yourself a Hapless tradesman.

13.don't let some Hapless potential partner wait needlessly at your meeting place.

14.the snake crushes its Hapless victim to death.

15.the Hapless lynx turns and twists in a vain attempt to throw its pursuer off the chase, but the hunter will not be denied.

16.but if the virus or bacterium is one that our Hapless rider has never wrestled, a different sort of immune response comes to the rescue.

17.and, like Hapless mice, they look for the thing that makes them happy& cheese.

18.some happy mean to end a Hapless life.

19.even in defeat he may, like samson, be ready to pull down the pillars of his rickety regime on his Hapless people.

20.the most Hapless thing it that she didn't have any clean clothes at hand.

21.and the Hapless soldier's sigh runs in blood down palace walls.

22.mr. smith has had an affair. mrs. smith, devastated, seems to be the Hapless victim.

23.see what happened! see what happened! Hapless peter turned into a parking meter. on the club he stands all day, wishing dogs would go away.

24.before, "there was a barrier, " and libya's Hapless young men were to be pitied, khalil said.

25.that she has not been pressed harder in the campaign says much about the Hapless opposition.

26.all those who could sympathize with you were invariably in the same Hapless situation.

27.pockets of Hapless enemy soldiers are caught up here and there in the hubbub and excitement, huddling fearfully amid a scene of indescribable horror.

28.the drama in the stocks of banks at the centre of the rumours, with royal bank of scotland the latest Hapless victim, did not permit that.

29.biological disorders that (like diseases) people "get" or to which they fall Hapless victim.

30.today, the Hapless federal reserve is trying to re-expand demand in a post-bubble us economy.

31.at enron the names should also have been a clue to Hapless investors and staff that something was amiss.

32.he imprisoned the Hapless blood elf soldiers in the dungeons of dalaran and sentenced them to death.

33.troopers hustle the Hapless duty guard to norton's door as he fumbles nervously with a huge key ring.

34.happy with that Hapless man?

35.even whey fly, they never forget to help the Hapless and bring them together.

36.they are masters of voodoo magics who can use their spirit-powers to both heal their allies and place curses upon their Hapless enemies.

37.ouch. at this rate, people will soon start feeling sorry for the Hapless mr bush.

38.the earth is a movement, a person will not always at a Hapless position.

39.he's has been compared to both joseph stalin and the Hapless comedy character mr bean.