Hansel Sentence Examples | Use Hansel in a sentence

1.she wants to know if Hansel is fat.

2.gretel and Hansel showed the gold and jewels to their father.

3.Hansel and gretel walk slowly.

4.Hansel had seen no cat, but he stayed behind every time to drop a white pebble from his pocket on the ground as they walked.

5.in the morning, she shook Hansel roughly and took him into a little room and shut him up behind the barred door.

6.she thinks Hansel's finger is as thin as a bone.

7.and how quickly grethel ran to Hansel, opened the door of his cage, and cried, "Hansel, Hansel, we are free; the old witch is dead. "

8.Hansel and gretel are still sleeping.

9.i'll tell you tomorrow,@ replies Hansel.

10.but Hansel assured me that all my code was being executed by the original junit tests, so why didn't this problem show up in those tests?

11.don't worry,@ says Hansel.@ we will find the way tomorrow.

12.she sat Hansel and gretal down at the table and began to cook them a huge lunch.

13.he builds a small fire for Hansel and gretel.

14.Hansel began filling his backpack up with little pebbles that he found on the ground.

15.gretel starts to cry, but Hansel tells her to stop.

16.by that time, Hansel and gretal were so fat they could not get out of the house!

17.Hansel and gretal walked for quite some time before they began to recognize their surroundings.

18.Hansel and gretel run to him and hug him.

19.when the sun comes up, Hansel and gretel try to find their way home.

20.i will catch up on my own,@ said Hansel.

21.one day, she tells the woodcutter to leave Hansel and gretel in the woods again.

22.we should get up and head for home before it gets dark again,@ said Hansel.

23.however, as the weeks went on, and Hansel seemed not to get any fatter, she became impatient, and said she could not wait any longer.

24.poor little grethel wept bitter tears as she listened, and said to her brother, "what is going to happen to us, Hansel? "

25.the witch walks back into the house. she wakes gretel and tells her to cook some food for Hansel.

26.Hansel and gretal lay down on the ground and fell fast asleep.

27.so he headed back for them, but Hansel and gretal had already disappeared.

28.Hansel found a bag and loaded up all the gems and gold coins he could find.

29.Hansel got up in midnight, wanting to look for some more pebbles. but the door was locked and he could not open it.

30.his two children, Hansel and gretal, did not mind that they were poor.

31.Hansel was very hungry, but he did not want to give up.

32.she saved Hansel out of the room.

33.Hansel reached up on tiptoe, and breaking off a piece of the gingerbread, he began to eat with all his might, for he was very hungry.

34.Hansel, what would i do without you?@ she sighed.

35.once again, the woodcutter and his wife told Hansel and gretal to stay put while they went in search of good logs to chop.

36.Hansel, what have we done that was so bad?@ she cried.

37."we can't cross this," said Hansel.

38.Hansel and gretel shook in their shoes for fright.

39.i will kill and cook Hansel today.