Hangman Sentence Examples | Use Hangman in a sentence

1.and whose informing voice had consigned me to the Hangman. i had walled the monster up within the tomb!

2.if i were a gravedigger, or even a Hangman, there are some people i can work for with a great deal of pleasure.

3.objective to introduce the method of c2,3 pedicle screw fixation for management of unstable Hangman fractures and evaluate the clinical effects.

4.it was real; he was leaving there; he was free; he had cheated the Hangman.

5.a rope that is used by a Hangman to execute persons who have been condemned to death by hanging.

6.sri lanka on tuesday began interviews for the post of Hangman a year after two positions fell vacant, with at least 480 convicts on death row.

7.there was kaltenbrunner, the bloody successor of "Hangman heydrich", who on the stand would deny all his crimes;

8.play Hangman with your spelling words with a friend.

9.objective to evaluate the anterior trans-vertebrae screw fixation technique for treatment Hangman's fracture.

10.conclusion: c2 pedicle lag-screw, c2 pedicle screw associated with c3 lateral mass screw are safe, effective in the treatment of Hangman fracture, which can to retain the function of upper cervical spine as great as possible.

11.if i were a grave-digger, or even a Hangman , there are some people i could work for with a great deal of enjoyment.

12.the prisoner, his hands tied behind his back, was brought to the scene by the Hangman.

13.surgical treatment of unstable Hangman ′ s fracture

14.then the Hangman said, 'now, lass, say thy prayers, for thou must die. ' but she said.

15.aim: to define the indications of c2 pedicle lag screw or c2 pedicle screw associated with c3 lateral mass screw to treat Hangman fracture, and evaluate the clinical applications.

16.the Hangman cut the poor farmer's hands and legs, then cut the rest of his body into pieces, finally his head!

17.he even aspires to see the name of mooney as familiarly and patronizingly mentioned as the name of the Hangman is, according to the latest examples.

18.i'll cheat the Hangman yet.

19.nursing of the treatment of Hangman fracture with c_2 pedicle screws

20.she was brought out on the scaffold, and the Hangman said, 'now, lass, thou must hang by the neck till thou be'st dead.

21.additionally, the Hangman atlas fracture was simulated and the calculation gave the expected results.

22.report of seven cases of Hangman fractures involving axis body

23.conclusions: c2 、 3 pedicular-lateral mass plate provides better biomechanical stability than anterior locking plate, and it has excellent biomechanical performance for treament of unstable Hangman's fracture.

24.Hangman is essentially a word-guessing game.

25.the treatment of Hangman fracture with pedicle screws

26.methods 8 cases with Hangman fracture were treated with c 2 pedicle screws fixation after skull traction and reduction.

27.they jerked through their ghastly dance, the priest, the Hangman and the convict.

28.classic Hangman word guessing game. play and try to get the full manga pictures. in some of these guessing games you need to be on your toes all the time.

29.the locality was spoken of as though it had been the dwelling of a Hangman.

30.others asked for more details on what qualifications were needed to be a Hangman.

31.i often play "Hangman" in class.

32.a Hangman's noose had already been placed around his neck.

33.and you're gonna preach your neck right into a Hangman's noose.

34.he would remember that it was the color with which the Hangman smeared "accursed" edifices;

35.she has another reason for her opposition: in a few weeks a Hangman is due to slip a noose around her son's neck.