Half Sentence Examples | Use Half in a sentence

1.i didn't Half get into trouble

2.his refrigerator frequently looked Half empty

3."the matter has been under consultation for the past two and a Half years, " he says.

4.they kissed for almost Half a minute

5.cutting food intake by Half is an incredibly difficult thing for anyone to do.

6.he felt Half dead with tiredness

7.you're not Half the man you think you are

8.so every time i got to the front collar and had to hold Half the stitches.

9.sat in the front row, his mouth Half open, his head thrust forward so as not to miss any word.

10.'then four years ago, after saving for a year-and-a-Half, i made my first trip to the himalayas.

11.his eyes were Half closed

12.you don't Half sound confident

13.i had a death threat a year and a Half ago and i had a death threat just before the release of my movie.

14.poor old henry, and not Half as clever as he'd thought.

15.they are supposed to be here at about Half four.

16.she eventually decided the acting profession wasn't Half bad

17.she'd Half expected him to withdraw from the course.

18.the only goal was scored by jakobsen early in the second Half.

19.she was Half italian and Half english.

20.i only slept about Half an hour that night.

21.of course, it would be a painful Half hour for him, and an embarrassing Half hour for her, because it would be her first proposal.

22.brissenden Half rose from his chair as he spoke, as if with the intention of departing to the restaurant forthwith.

23.the tough market would lead to 400 jobs being cut in the first Half of this year.

24.all this time i've been Half sick about you and why you wouldn't write.

25.the centre-Half has reached the zenith of his career, with performances that have been consistently outstanding throughout the season.

26.'there'd been a tremendous amount of poverty around and presumably this made some impact then.' — 'oh not Half.'

27.i think i got there about four and left about Half past.

28.my kick wasn't Half a bad effort for an old man

29.a Half-mile of it was as much as he could stand, and he weakened under the strain.

30.cut the tomatoes in Half vertically

31.i was in a small boat during the storm, but it stopped after Half an hour and i was able to breathe again.

32.he met with the prime minister of japan for an hour and a Half.

33.i was worried that my career, my children and my other Half might become too much to cope with.

34.it becomes clear that montgomerie has a job and Half on his hands.