half-baked Sentence Examples | Use half-baked in a sentence

1.the uk treasury made some half-baked arguments this month about why small institutions can be just as risky as large ones to the system.

2.what's the sense of pushing into a market where the government lets you sell only a half-baked version of your product?

3.but this bill is so half-baked that i can only give it half-hearted support and hope that somebody else introduces a bill that makes better sense.

4.this is a great way to test whether half-baked ideas are worth pursuing or get help on sticky problems.

5.he had some half-baked notion.

6.second, what if you're not done with your document, and it's in a "half-baked" state that you don't want anyone else taking a peek at?

7.britain, it is said, may have looked isolated after some two dozen countries signed up to the latest half-baked wheeze to save the euro.

8.a half-baked attempt at reform in1994 has favoured wealthier regions.

9.do not eat raw food or clean half-baked food, to wash their hands before eating, when eating the attention of environmental health.

10.others might-there were many poor, thin-minded, half-baked creatures who would put themselves up to be shot;

11.right: if you've got an idea that you're afraid might be half-baked, let's consider it anyway.

12.additionally, if there's any checking in of half-baked code, the team's build machines will catch it within hours, not days or weeks.

13.our elderly boss complained frequently that our company's energetic, young competitor was always promoting some new half-baked idea.

14.granted, the note 4 is far from perfect; in true samsung fashion, a lot of gimmickry can be found in it, and several features seem half-baked.

15.bill, i'm sorry to say that this sales plan seems half-baked.

16.don't listen to his half-baked ideas.

17.it is better to write a few well-rounded stories, with appropriate background and comments from other sources, than a lot of half-baked stories that are unlikely to make a significant impact.

18.where'd you come off with such a half-baked, asinine idea?

19.people said he's crazy. he's just a half-baked painter.

20.not another of his half-baked schemes.

21.he is a conviction politician, especially when it comes to foreign wars; but his domestic reforms are half-baked.

22.the world cannot afford another half-baked solution.

23.tate contended that forcing devs to write cocoa apps yields half-baked applications, jobs argued that it guaranteed a sufficient level of quality and stability.

24.jim's got some half-baked idea about converting his garage into a sauna.

25.james is always coming to me with his half-baked ideas on how we can increase sales.

26.don't release half-baked products either.

27.the half-baked culture of rome provided no substitute;

28.this is another half-baked scheme that isn't going to work

29.having half-baked knowledge is worse than knowing nothing at all.

30.i refuse to put money into some half-baked plan to grow pineapples in iceland.

31.i didn't want to make things worse by coming up with half-baked notions.

32.i only have a half-baked idea that isn't ready yet.

33.somehow you give people the impression that whatever you do is half-baked.

34.how do you think up these half-baked ideas? you should think more carefully.

35.forked side car -- , spell furniture of a few half-baked namely install.

36.half-baked reforms in 2002 have failed.

37.i hereby declare my utter, unfailing hatred of colleagues who write half-baked english.

38.what half-baked idea does he have now?