Hale Sentence Examples | Use Hale in a sentence

1.fanny thornton ( john thornton's sister): i am sorry that you're leaving, miss Hale.

2.the old man is still Hale and hearty.

3.his Hale and hearty manner hid a sensitive and shy man.

4.the old man is Hale and hearty.

5.that's edward and emmett cullen, and rosalie and jasper Hale.

6.Hale looks in her eyes, gun trained, but he just can't squeeze the trigger. a gunshot rings out.

7.my father's cropped hair was now completely grey, but he was still Hale and hearty.

8.lian: the Hale and hearty colours are not auspicious in our culture.

9.nathan Hale was executed as a spy by the british in1776.

10.mrs. peters : but i 'm awful glad you came with me , mrs. Hale . it would be lonesome for me sitting here alone .

11.henry's still Hale and hearty and going strong.

12.people might remember a few years ago, we had a fantastic comet, called comet Hale-bopp; suddenly came out of nowhere.

13.i admired Hale boggs and wished we'd overslept that day.

14.grandfather will be 80 years old, but he is Hale and hearty.

15.my name is douglas Hale.

16.mrs. Hale : why , i don't know whether she did or not ---i 've not been here for so long .

17.mrs. Hale: ( looking about) it never seemed a very cheerful place.

18.captain nathan Hale said to the english commander, general howe, that he would rather die than surrender.

19.mrs. Hale: i might have known she needed help!

20.and mrs. Hale, in particular, had a certain wan refinement not out of keeping with her pale old-fashioned house.

21.mrs. Hale: here's some red. i expect this has got sewing things in it.

22.mrs Hale: no, i don't mean anything.

23.oh , i ve promised mrs . Hale to go with her to the exposition to - night , " she returned , apologetically" .

24.this is douglas Hale, our chief executive officer.

25.she is remarkable and i'd like to see her remain Hale and hearty for years yet.

26.i overheard him make that remark to the stranger in the dark& it was in Hale alley.

27.that's when Hale, who gave his life for his country, said those famous words.

28.i heard you and kathryn Hale talked to a reporter today.

29.he was looking Hale and hearty on his80th birthday.

30.mrs. Hale, from her upper window, saw her come in.

31.when he returned, he found the child sitting up in the bed Hale and fair, with all its wounds closed.

32.the Hale and hearty man is counted among the old.

33."so you swapped?" Hale asked.

34.i'm the chief purchasing officer with Hale and hearty foods.

35.mrs. Hale : well , i don't think she did . asking for an apron and her little shawl . worrying about her fruit .

36.mrs. Hale : ( looking too . ) looks as if someone must have been tough with it .

37.edwin hubble was the first person to use the Hale telescope.

38.patriot-spy nathan Hale, as he was about to be hanged by the british, said: "i regret that i have but one life to lose for my country. "

39.about jasper using the name Hale – it's just for convenience.

40.douglas: and you now know how a partnership with Hale and hearty works.