Halberd Sentence Examples | Use Halberd in a sentence

1.this lusty being, half horse and half man, is being brought under control by a guard armed with a shield and Halberd, and she has grabbed him by the hair.

2.a guard who carries a Halberd ( as a symbol of his duty).

3.militia units armed with a Halberd which can fend off cavalry, and pierce or crush armour.

4.trained in many weapons, these janissaries, fight with a Halberd and are protected by mail armour.

5.Halberd militia are townsfolk who have been levied into militia, a type of home guard, to defend and guard their settlement.

6.the weapons of the standing soldiers are the spear tipped Halberd and crossbow; the general also occupies the middle, in command.

7.there seems to be Halberd with iron pole? good information! !

8.could you please introduce the name of this big Halberd? thanks!

9.diabetes is a group of japanese Halberd etiology and pathogenesis of the endocrine have not yet been fully explained-metabolic disease, high blood sugar to continue as the main features.

10.a Halberd or similar weapon with a hooked blade and a long handle.

11.the table was filled with pink green glaze, renew the glaze layer, open the slice densely, all around, quite a Halberd verve.

12.well, is it with small crescent lance or Halberd?

13.they used to be rebellious hero of the wilderness, like a knife like a Halberd.

14.skilled danish Halberd unit armoured in plate armour.

15.the song dynasty, such as buddha ceremony: "no, the temple gate Halberd is down."

16.some cadres because "personality is stronger", although more talent often folds Halberd heavy sand however, and individual and commonplace person often be valued.

17.at that time, the game business of sina has folded Halberd heavy sand, only netease game gained a success in the portal.

18.a costume drama: the traditional drama clothing, knives, guns, sword, Halberd, opera hat, armor, modern and folk dance costumes, props and performances.

19.trained and equipped to fight with long Halberds, they can fend off cavalry and crush many kinds of enemies depending on what part of the Halberd they hit them with.

20.two sword and one Halberd found in yanxia, hebei of china, had "ma structure" in its micro-composition which was quenched.

21.among the rubbish, you find a Halberd of the swiftwatch.

22.however, below coequal market condition, some bibcock industries are vibrant, some folds Halberd heavy sand however.

23.annie: firstly, they have broadsword, spear, sword and Halberd, etc. they are 18 kinds of weapons of traditional wushu.

24.ran min saw it and led the charge at the yan army on his horse zhu long and wielding a lance in his left hand and a Halberd with his right.

25.never mind, how about a good Halberd then?