Hakim Sentence Examples | Use Hakim in a sentence

1.ecc member fahim Hakim tells voa that looking into these alleged electoral abuses could be time consuming.

2.ayatollah Hakim was the leader of the main iraqi shi'ite group opposed to saddam hussein.

3.feminists who want women to throw away their femininity are overlooking a powerful asset, ms Hakim argues.

4.it might be accelerating now but as Hakim points out in one example, high-status women have never been afraid of using their sex appeal.

5.iraq's prime minister and high-level officials gathered in baghdad on saturday to commemorate iraqis who have been killed in violence, particularly ayatollah Hakim.

6.sociologist dr catherine Hakim, of the london school of economics, has studied voluntary childlessness in the uk and europe for many years.

7.Hakim said: " the results are similiar except these ex-socilist countries where men traditionally share no housework for women. "

8.kenny on, "said Hakim (olajuwon) less than your butt kicked is because you cou too close, so i think you can be pro-his buttocks. "

9.the incident took place on the edge of khost, capital of the province of the same name, provincial police chief general abdul Hakim eshaqzai told afp.

10.the sufi poet, Hakim sanai, said the same thing 750 years earlier: "take your place in the presence of the wordless. "

11.dr Hakim claimed more women were choosing to 'marry up' by picking wealthy men for their spouse than in the1940s.

12.ms Hakim suggests that women have more erotic capital than men to start with, mainly because they have had to work at it for centuries.

13.in the power dynamic of couples, controlling access to sex is more important than earning more money, says ms Hakim.

14.Hakim can tell me what not to do, i think he had the lowest score in dunk history back in 2006, ha.

15."the iranians have close associations with all the shia communities, not only sadr, but also with [ abdul aziz al-] Hakim," he said.