Hake Sentence Examples | Use Hake in a sentence

1.in theory, a cut on the hand might Hake a difference, but even then it isn't a measurable risk.

2.trawlers in the area obtain Hake and other fish that are at or near the bottom, not sardines and squid.

3.and the invasion of humboldt squid seems to be making a noticeable dent in the local population of Hake , experts note in a new study.

4.you get to Hake movies!

5.solve questions of gas of mass-changing with the model of "gas-Hake"

6.this result is almost identical with that found by Hake for introductory physics.

7.it forces the industry to import all its requirements for atlantic herring, mackerel, sardinella, Hake and other species.

8.the main types of fishing are cod branch, Hake branch and elliot cod branch.

9.Hake , also known as pacific whiting, is used to make imitation crab, fish sticks, and other minced-fish products.

10.fishpoptrace researchers looked at four economically important, and thus overfished, species: cod, Hake, herring and sole.

11.using just one snp, it got the origins of sole correct 96 per cent of the time, and with Hake it was almost perfectly accurate with 10 snps.

12.in order to know time-space distribution rule of the alluvial-fluvial facies stratigraphic Hake, classification basis of sequence, subsequence sets and system tract of the alluvial-fluvial facies was summed up.

13.this paper introduced the water quality situation in lake biwa as well as the water pollution control measures for lake biwa, and put forward some prevention measures for inke taihu after making a comparison between the water pollution prevention of lake biwa and Hake taihu.

14.in my old job i wasn't paid for days that i Hake off sick.

15.may be cut from any round fish and the larger flatfish, but particularly salmon, halibut, turbot , Hake.

16.and the squid's sustained presence, the scientists note, coincides with a documented Hake decline.

17.after most feathers these take fetching jobs Hake touched the information technology, mango thorn averaging to look an available method which coil make students give play to their inventive power and sHake off the yoke of class.