Hairpin Sentence Examples | Use Hairpin in a sentence

1.two productions, peony pavilion and the jade Hairpin have toured china over the past two years, and have attracted large audiences. white hair has been scratched thin and short, and soon will not be able to hold a Hairpin. had to hand it to them, thought harry, as george took an ordinary Hairpin from his pocket and started to pick the lock.

4.dongdong: i bought a Hairpin for my mother.

5.of course not, but al Hairpin could it was said that he never slept. can this be true?

6.i thought for a long time, finally bought this Hairpin.

7.tapping on the brakes at the right time can mean surviving a Hairpin turn without dropping off the cliff.

8.effect of induced Hairpin vortex on structures in turbulent boundary layers

9.a continuous series of Hairpin corners causes me to reach as low as first gear and i must be careful because it is very easy to spin my tires and cause them to wear out prematurely.

10.does that gorge look like a long jade Hairpin? and identification of recombinant adenovirus expressing short Hairpin rna of rat angiotensin-converting enzyme handed the Hairpin to ron and, a moment later, hedwig soared joyfully out of the window to glide alongside them like a ghost.

13.reversal of leukemia multidrug resistance by sequence-specific short Hairpin rna

14.biosynthesis and function verification of short Hairpin rna targeting to influenza a virus

15.the road is a succession of Hairpin bends, hills, and blind corners.

16.zan Hairpin a zoned waves surging, the bitter suffering from hate.

17.silence effect of short Hairpin rna on expression of pim-1 in prostate cancer cell lines

18.the advertisement for martini stood right in the drivers' line of sight as they accelerated out of the loews Hairpin and turned right. of a new microstrip Hairpin bandpass filter

20.a flat wire Hairpin whose prongs press tightly together; used to hold bobbed hair in place. default of tools, she used a Hairpin and a buttonhook.

22.i executed the Hairpin turn high on the sheer western face of the mountains

23.what a beautiful Hairpin ( it is)!

24.can form a terminating Hairpin structure that stops transcription of the operon.

25.inhibitory effects of small Hairpin rna on hepatitis b virus x protein in vitro

26.the old man went out of the market innocently, he hopes to buy a Hairpin for granddaughter, is this mistaken too?

27.i ran with all my might to the pawnshop, but the big door was already shut tight. clutching the silver Hairpin, i sat down on the steps and cried softly, not daring to make too much noise.

28.a Hairpin shaped wire can be used to anchor the new rhizome and allow it to settle in until it produces new roots.

29.they never saw al Hairpin sleep. in fact, he did not even own a bed. he never needed one.

30.there is hardly a corner , Hairpin or chicane that we do not know by heart .

31.the Hairpin should be better placed.

32.there's a Hairpin bend at woodbine and the track in barbados was very compact.

33.the roads twist round Hairpin bends looks very nice when she wears the half-moon Hairpin in her hair.

35.there are eighteen Hairpin bends on the way up mogan mountain.

36.she got the small things i got from my parents: new dress, new bag, new pair of slippers, a piece of lollipop, Hairpin, etc. much is the size of Hairpin? 45mm?

38.zhejiang small commodity production is a famous all over the country, where buttons, Hairpin relief tooling for is adept at carving machine.

39.if we couldn't have the Hairpin, how can we do not burst into tears? of a micro-strip Hairpin filter with image-reject function