Hailstone Sentence Examples | Use Hailstone in a sentence

1.today we were visited by a Hailstone fall.

2.an analysis of vertical trajectory of Hailstone growth by using crystal size and bubble concentration

3.the prediction of Hailstone area by maps model

4.forecast and prevent Hailstone

5.observation and research of Hailstone microstructure in mancheng

6.doppler weather radars can detect the location and intensity distribution of rain 、 snow and Hailstone according to the information of weather targets echo.

7.the growing grass was crushed down by Hailstone.

8.the distribution of ratio of heavy disaster frequency to the area affected by Hailstone is basically contrary.

9.shower of rain drove down upon us, each drop stinging like a Hailstone.

10.calculation of parameters in the Hailstone impact experiment

11.taking a stroll on some of my prize plants. a shower of rain poured down upon us, each drop stinging like a Hailstone.

12.research of Hailstone detection based on radar echo reflectivity image

13.it indicates that using this model to forecast the maximum Hailstone size is feasible.

14.research on application of comprehensive discrimination method of radar return waves in Hailstone forecast

15.preliminary research on equations of growth and heat balance of conical Hailstone

16.analysis of the effect on local Hailstone prevention

17.the increase of accumulation of snow, the increase of process under Hailstone weather.

18.by analyzing the strong convection weather cloud characters of Hailstone, rainstorm and gale, characters are extracted and character system are organized from the aspects of statistics, shape, distribution and evolution.

19.in order to study mechanisms of Hailstone formation and hail suppression with seeding and to obtain optimum seeding technique for hail cloud, a 3 d compressive numerical seeding model for hail cloud is developed.

20.gravity is pulling every raindrop and snowflake and Hailstone.

21.the Hailstone took a heavy toll of the crops in our village last night.

22.a shower of rain drove down upon us, each drop stinging like a Hailstone.

23.approximate formulas of Hailstone drag coefficients and its terminal velocity

24.something, such as a Hailstone, resembling a stone in shape or hardness.

25.the chasing of black clouds from the back makes us speed up and if as soon as possible, we can escape the catching of Hailstone.

26.catastrophe is natural disaster which can make heavy property loss like earthquake, typhoon, Hailstone, flood and so on.

27.a large number data of ground Hailstone spectra are analysed. the average characteristics of Hailstone spectra and their three types have been obtained.

28.a study on mechanism of launching Hailstone by air gun

29.this system is designed with a gas-gun to accelerate Hailstone , with which the hail will impact the craft surface with a high speed.

30.parameterization of physical processes for Hailstone growth

31.the variations of the local degree of stability, instable energy and the energy exchang between the ground and atmosphere are analysed. the influence mechanism of the properties such as soil, vegetation and geomorphological structure of the ground on forming Hailstone is discussed.

32.preliminary analysis of the Hailstone spectra distribution and the relations between z e and

33.Hailstone forecast and prevention

34.a shower of rain poured down upon us, each drop stinging like a Hailstone .

35.on july 9 of 2007, there were many lightning accidents in qinghuangdao city and Hailstone in parts of sites.

36.the influence mechanism of the ground on Hailstone

37.Hailstone short-term forecast research by using numeral weather prediction

38.application of the eigenvector of single-spot elements to Hailstone forecasting