Hagiography Sentence Examples | Use Hagiography in a sentence

1.his call for an end to Hagiography and the revived personality cult drove maoists into a rage.

2.stone's film is not Hagiography. it is not propaganda.

3.even so, mr. morgen knows that his film has a stigma to overcome: authorized documentaries are usually Hagiography.

4.the eminent monk: buddhist ideals in medieval chinese Hagiography, honululu: hawai'i university press,

5.Hagiography: late antiquity and the early middle ages

6.making good use of his natural gifts and of the circumstances in which he found himself," m "produced a book unique, so far as my knowledge goes, in the literature of Hagiography.

7.there is a genre of literature that details the lives of saints, Hagiography, but that came later and is largely something we find in the christian era.

8.young germans still grow up with the Hagiography of the plotters, but few outsiders now know who they were.

9.a companion to middle english Hagiography

10.as a result, the founding fathers have been protected until recently by a school of biography that barely escaped from Hagiography.

11.in 2001 "an italian story" , a short Hagiography of mr berlusconi, was distributed to 15m homes.