Haf Sentence Examples | Use Haf in a sentence

1.the mechanical properties of carbon black ( Haf, grade n330) filled powdered nr [ p ( nr/ n330)] vulcanizates were studied.

2.compiling and developing tools and guidelines to support Haf; and

3.study on ( Haf carbon black-rare earth)-filled powdered nr ⅰ. mechanical properties of vulcanizates

4.the hepatic sorbitol uptake, functional hepatic blood flow ( fhbf) and intrahepatic shunt blow ( ihsf) were calculated from pvf, Haf and the sorbitol concentrations in portal vein, hepatic vein and carotid artery.

5.specifically, the working group was mandated to focus on three lines of activity with relation to the Haf

6.als-Haf active low structure high-abasion furnace

7.he normally would make at least Haf of the shots.

8.please log on with the registration barcode and email address (used for Haf guest registration).

9.results: the results showed Haf could inhibit the release of phlogistic medium txb2, improve the conjugate rate of β receptor, adjust the proportion between camp and cgmp.

10.you Haf here a fine picture, madame.

11.the disadvantage of Haf/ pHaf-based polynomial-phase estimation method with short and non-polynomial phase sequences is analyzed in this paper and some general conclusions are drawn after simulations.

12.for time varying amplitude pps in white complex gaussian noise, the strong convergence of estimates of Haf and the highest order polynomial plase coefficient is proved.

13.ye Haf ta follow me back down ta tha street level now, double time, else we'll lose what advantage we just got.

14.the rheological property of Haf filled powdered sbr [ p ( sbr/ Haf)] with different addition levels of Haf and aromatic oil during mixing was investigated and compared to that of Haf filled bale sbr ( sbr/ Haf).

15.for half an hour i Haf peen trying to say dot i am ready to bose.

16.this paper addresses the convergence property of higher order ambiguity function ( Haf), which is used to estimate the parameters of polynomial phase signal ( pps).

17.synthesis of Haf fouling inhibitors for residue hydrotreating

18.results fpp, pcpg and pvf had a good linear negative correlation to the ratio of sd to pvd ( sd/ pvd) respectively. Haf had a good linear positive correlation to sd/ pvd.

19.methods hbf, Haf and pvf were determined in 20 patients with primary liver cancer and 10 normal individuals by detecting colloid re-uptake by liver cells and the method of slope in the first pass after injecting 99m tc-phytate.

20.effect of mixing conditions on rheological behavior of Haf black filled powdered sbr

21.parameter estimation of multi-component pps based on Haf

22.also, sem photographs show that the dispersion and combination of Haf to nr matrix are improved due to the modification.

23.influence of mixing process for sbr/ Haf on properties of vulcanizate

24.applying Haf in health workforce development activities.

25.the author holds the opinion that still exist some important issues about the seismic input which need to be reconsidered in relation to the implementation of Haf 0101 ( 1).

26.acute rejection rate, blood plt count, incidence of lung infection and pvf/ Haf ( portal venous flow/ hepatic arterial flow) were calculated and analyzed.

27.rheological property of Haf-filled powdered sbr during mixing

28.the content of flavonoids in ginkgo biloba leaf influenced by humic acid fertilizer(Haf) was studied in this article.

29.results: compared with Haf group, lower onset ages, less left atrial dilation ( lad), pendent atrial fibrillation ( paf) and complication were in laf group.

30.3-d kinematic simulation ( Haf model) study of the propagation of interplanetary shock ( is), corotating high speed stream ( chss), and their interaction.

31.the content of flavonoids in ginkgo biloba leaf influenced by humic acid fertilizer ( Haf) was studied in this article.

32.portal venous flow ( pvf) and hepatic arterial flow ( Haf) were measured via flow probes.

33.the hydrogen bond interaction between Haf and starch was proved by fourier-transform infrared ( ft-ir) spectroscopy, it demonstrated that starch and Haf had good compatibility.

34.objective to explore the effects of hypertonic sodium acetate/ dextran ( had) on hepatic arterial bood flow ( Haf), portal venous blood flow ( pvf), oxygen delivery, oxygen comsumption and oxygen extraction ratio of the liver after traumatic-hemorrhagic shock in rabbits.

35.in this paper, the performance of polynomial phase coefficient estimation algorithm based on high-order ambiguity function ( Haf) for non-polynomial phase signal with short sequences is discussed in detail.