Haemostatic Sentence Examples | Use Haemostatic in a sentence

1.Haemostatic effect of recombinant batroxobin

2.3 cases were stopped bleeding by local treatment which includes the combinations of spraying Haemostatic, injecting hardener and high frequency electrocoagulation.

3.study on Haemostatic property of compound collagen i sponge

4.experimental studies of absorbable stanching satin ( ass) on Haemostatic effect

5.comparison of two Haemostatic methods after maxillary sinus acu puncture

6.so our product, made out of collagen, collagen is a natural Haemostatic that induces a reaction of cladding.

7.methods the influences of sex and age on the prothrombin time ( pt), apart prothrombin ( aptt) and thrombin time ( tt) were defined in88 wounded patients without the administration of Haemostatic.

8.thrombin in blood is a new Haemostatic which is exploited in recent years.

9.research on Haemostatic function of biological medical textiles

10.the Haemostatic closure device is intended for closuring femoral artery puncture site after cardiac catheterization.

11.the study of fibrin Haemostatic powder

12.medical and surgical equipment. surgical instruments. Haemostatic forceps. dimensions and tests.

13.application of the Haemostatic closure device after cardiac catheterization

14.methods we had retrospectively studied the medical records, radiographic files and data of hemodynamics and Haemostatic appearance in 118 patients with aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. with these data, a multivariate logistic regression procedure was used to identify factors predictive of dind.

15.additionally, abnormal changes in blood constituents are well described, and include Haemostatic and platelet activation, as well as inflammation and growth factor changes.

16.study on Haemostatic effect of reptilase in rabbit

17.method: it is performed by using gelatin sponge and dissoluble gauze soaked with Haemostatic to press the surface, or by using Haemostatic directly on the surface.

18.the impact of fibrinolysis, Haemostatic and anticoagulation system of patients with acute coronary syndrome treated with long term lmwh

19.the platelet aggregation and release reaction, the Haemostatic factors and fibrinolytic activity were measured in 36 patients with early retinal vein occlusion ( rvo) and 20 control subjects.

20.lipids levels, Haemostatic parameters and morphological parameters of the blood didn' t change.

21.Haemostatic forceps with box joint--general specifications

22.the Haemostatic time, Haemostatic effect and vital signs were observed.

23.endothelial cell and Haemostatic function abnormal.

24.comparison of two Haemostatic methods after maxillary sinus acupuncture

25.the protective effect of new Haemostatic "8401" on the platelet in irradiated mice and the proliferation of endothelial cells by irradiation

26.the purpose of this study is to develop a new kind of fibrin Haemostatic& lyophilized powder ( fibrin Haemostatic powder), which will be tested in clinic at the same time with or earlier than fremdness.

27.the manufacture and clinical applying observation of children music puppet Haemostatic bandage

28.conclusion celosia cristata Haemostatic mechanism is related to its rich content of ca 2+ and vitamin c.

29.compared with standard manual compression, Haemostatic closure devices were more safe and effective, and shorten rest time of patients.

30.this new polysaccharide derived material enhances the fibrinogen clottability for Haemostatic action and becomes hydrogel as a separation barrier after contacting with body liquid for anti-adhesion.

31.Haemostatic effect of argon plasma coagulation to mesenteric vascular hemorrhage of rabbits

32.aim: to observe the action of Haemostatic and sealing on the pig's cardiac transplantation with sd treated virus inactivated human fibrin, in which original production material came from healthy denoted plasma.

33.platelets to vascular subendothelial structures results, within a matter of seconds, in the formation of a Haemostatic plug.

34.prophylactic administration of Haemostatic and anti-inflammatory agents have important effects of reducing blood loss and facial swelling in orthognathic surgery.

35.conclusion it was crucial to treat primary diseases actively, to prevent and cure complications, to use Haemostatic, h_2-receptor antagonists and antacids and nutritional support.