Haematology Sentence Examples | Use Haematology in a sentence

1.international committee for standardization in Haematology

2.we have done a series of tests with sysmex xt-1800i automatic Haematology analyzer for precision, linear range, contamination rate and comparability.

3.research on reference range of venous red blood cell measured by automated Haematology analyzer for healthy adults in shangri-la county of yunnan province

4.the specialty areas include Haematology and clinical chemistry.

5.establishing the reference range of venous blood measured by automated Haematology analyzer in chinese adults

6.result: this case belong to the common type ( type 1) which has the typically characteristics of clinic Haematology.

7.scientists who study neutrophils often have backgrounds in cell biology, biochemistry, Haematology, rheumatology or infectious disease.

8.aos is one such channel, and a publication such as oncology& Haematology news, which has a section dedicated to asian oncology news, is another.

9.bailliere's best practice in clinical Haematology.

10.the categories in non-hereditary group had the case number to rank the first 6 were: nervous system diseases, deformity/ distortion and chromosome abnormality, mental and behaviour barrier, vision and hearing barrier, Haematology diseases and malignant tumour.

11.analysis of nosocomial infections in pediatric Haematology ward from 1997 to 2006

12.objective to discuss the clinical symptoms of medulla ossium unusual syndrome and Haematology characteristics.

13.international council for standardization in Haematology,

14.objective to explore the methods of leukaemia diagnosing and screening from the hemanalysis results of Haematology analyzer xe-2100.

15.the origin and breeding of the immunodeficient animal& t 、 b 、 nk cell deficient mouse ( bnx mouse) was reviewed and the biological characteristics and applications in Haematology 、 oncology 、 immunology and other fields were given in details.

16.Haematology - determination of haemoglobin concentration in blood - reference method

17.at the end of the dosing period, blood samples were withdrawn for Haematology analyses.

18.comparison and analysis of animal Haematology ⅱ. the primary studies on the hemogram, serum proteins on acetate-celluose film electrophoresis and blood rheology of some vertebrates

19.effect of~ ( 60) co irradiation on the Haematology in cats

20.the results of Haematology and serum enzyme chemistry testing have no obvious difference.

21.infection pathogen analysis of 2388 patients in an open Haematology ward from 1993 to 2004

22.launching deeply into the laboratory examination in clinical Haematology

23.construction and application of net-teaching database for Haematology

24.objective to discuss the role of clinical pharmacist played in Haematology department.

25.effects of occupational coal dust exposure on lung function and Haematology

26.influence factors of red cell deformability in Haematology