Had Sentence Examples | Use Had in a sentence

1.he claimed that his parents Had abandoned him

2.if your customer thinks he's been Had, you have to make him happy.

3.when he returned, she and simon Had already gone

4.i Had heard the morning of the day she died that she was probably on her way out of this life.

5.i thought we Had been burgled

6.however, the great socialist country suddenly broke down in the early 20th century, which Had a great effect on others socialist countries.

7.aeg live's lawyer said the company Had made many concessions to the estate and could not make more.

8.what strange twists of fate Had caused a refuge from nazi persecution to wind up in arabia as the representative of american democracy.

9.i have always Had the greatest admiration for him

10.no doubt i Had blundered again

11.Had he succeeded, he would have acquired a monopoly

12.if only that outfielder Had been a little slower. o'brien would have made a home run (homer).

13.obama Had dual citizenship at birth - his mother was american and his kenyan father was a british subject.

14.the president's approval rating Had risen.

15.he Had made a date with a girl he Had met the day before

16.we Had drifted downstream.

17.he Had the material tested and sent along the results.

18.he Had been spotted by an alert neighbour.

19.i found that my flat Had been burgled

20.he Had been patiently waiting in the anteroom for an hour.

21.he Had been used to female adoration all his life.

22.i've Had it with that kind of treatment of americans.

23.he and lillian Had got divorced

24.we felt we Had no home any more, no family, nothing

25.he apologized to the people who Had been affected.

26.as he reached the hall after her, he saw what Had arrested her.

27.there was a message waiting, denoting that someone Had been here ahead of her.

28.i Had the beginnings of a headache

29.if i Had to sum it up in one word it would be unpredictability.

30.Had i known what the problem was, we could have addressed it.

31.he Had a dream about claire

32.i Had a slight altercation with some people who objected to our filming.

33.he Had anglicized his surname

34.unless she loses some weight, she's Had it

35.he wants actors who can speak welsh. obviously i've Had it.

36.if i Had hidden him in a cavern she would not have seen him.

37.a man Had accosted me in the street.

38.i've Had it. let's call it a day

39.the essence of financial accounting is one of research foundation of accounting theory, but it still Had not been resolved.

40.the epicenter is about 200 km away from the qinghai-tibet railway and it was not immediately known whether it Had been affected.