Hackneyed Sentence Examples | Use Hackneyed in a sentence

1.i hate those Hackneyed information, more hate those on the spur of the moment to play " thanksgiving" .

2.but when many people listen to philosophy, they often hear some Hackneyed and stereotyped expressions and feel puzzled.

3.he sometimes slips into rather dreadful puns and Hackneyed language.

4.a soap opera with a Hackneyed plot;

5.a newspaper should be lively and should avoid Hackneyed stuff.

6.research on relationship between Hackneyed heat insulator density and coefficient of heat conductivity

7.the traditional, but somewhat Hackneyed approach is to turn the weakenss into strength.

8.robert is experiencing a Hackneyed fairy tale of cinderella. it's a chance for us to test whether it's a legend or no more than a daydream.

9.that expression of "violently in love" is so Hackneyed , so doubtful, so indefinite, that it gives me very little idea.

10.power corrupts and absolute power absolutely corrupts. that's the old Hackneyed phrase, but it's true.

11.one of the most important factor result in the slower developing speed of the rural economics of china is the Hackneyed jam-up of agricultural products circulation.

12.and they yearn for meaningful tools to pass their values about living with great wealth to younger generations without a Hackneyed, classroom-style approach.

13.i have seen a gipsy vagabond; she has practised in Hackneyed fashion the science of palmistry and told me what such people usually tell.

14.in each chapter i have solved at least one issue and each result is original or creative without any plagiarism or Hackneyed ideas.

15.the traditional, but somewhat Hackneyed approach is to turn the weakness into strength.

16.Hackneyed words and expressions should be avoided in writing.

17.to make banal or Hackneyed with indiscriminate use.

18.crack is one of highway early diseases. in them, transverse crack, lengthways crack and other linear crack are Hackneyed.

19.she said . it was best to be Hackneyed.

20.music, verse, drama, etc that is banal, sentimental or Hackneyed

21.Hackneyed problem in stair design

22.a bit Hackneyed, perhaps, but a pretty fair description of the state of affairs.

23.too often used or too well known to be effective; Hackneyed.

24.a work of art ( composition or drama) that is part of the standard repertory but has become Hackneyed from much repetition.

25.in the last 30 years, we have essentially changed the comprehension about tic disorders. especially since the 1990s, tic disorders has been widely considered a Hackneyed phenomena. it is caused by genetic obstacle and bad environmental factors.

26.this flourishing is a direct response to people's discontent with Hackneyed and stereotyped modes of expression_r_r_r_r whose expressiveness has been worn away by centuries of overuse.

27.i hate those Hackneyed information, more hate those on the spur of the moment to play "thanksgiving".

28.the plot of the film is just a Hackneyed boy-meets-girl scenario.

29.or maybe we will criticize it for being boring or Hackneyed.

30.a monastic should be detached, easy, open-minded and not Hackneyed in temperament, and thus proved to be a true man.

31.the notion of making china a "responsible stakeholder" in world affairs has a Hackneyed ring. but it is still the best option available.

32.in particular he criticizes political leaders for being sucked into using meaningless phrases and Hackneyed mantras to disguise policies or protect themselves from accountability.

33.it was a dark and stormy night "is a Hackneyed beginning for a story. save".

34.it has the same level of wit and originality we got with the first shrek movie, and none of the Hackneyed or blas é baggage we got from any of the sequels.

35.presented in this paper is a fast method to identify bad elements in phased array antennas. the Hackneyed types of element malfunction and the principles of identifying bad elements based on the shift-phase method are described particularly. and the steps of applying this method is presented.

36.repeated too often; trite or Hackneyed.

37.in them, transverse crack, lengthways crack and other linear crack are Hackneyed.

38.the Hackneyed methods of clipping include the frequency of clipping, the time of clipping and the mode of clipping.

39.here is what the book has to say on this Hackneyed theme: we strive to make our world comfortable for people of all stripes, thinking styles and hairdos – even when they exceed our comfort level.

40.vagueness is the Hackneyed phenomenon in human languages.