Gymnastic Sentence Examples | Use Gymnastic in a sentence

1.they are planning more Gymnastic activities for the middle school students.

2.due to its unique sports characteristic, athletics Gymnastic has great physical and mental exercising value.

3.were not the laws, who have the charge of this, right in commanding your father to train you in music and Gymnastic?

4.who won the first gold medal in men's Gymnastic? of a pair of heavy metal circles (usually covered with leather) suspended by ropes; used for Gymnastic exercises.

6.effective management of human resources of chinese Gymnastic events dominant in olympic games acrobatic dance; an athletic child; athletic playing; Gymnastic exercises.

8.they held Gymnastic displays too. the literary genre of works intended for the theater.

9.and there was our talent show too: i used to do a Gymnastic routine and my sister twirled the baton.

10.follow the gymnasts along the olympic journey to sydney. we cover all Gymnastic prelims and finals. aerial Gymnastic move performed on the parallel bars, rings, or other apparatus, especially a flying dismount with a somersault.

12.i suspect that they were "under age" fish like most of the chinese olympic Gymnastic team. analysis on the characteristics of the olympic Gymnastic champion jiang yuyuan's basic training

14.she passed her qualification for the olympic Gymnastic competition.

15.a strong, taut sheet, usually of canvas, attached with springs to a metal frame and used for Gymnastic springing and tumbling.

16.a padded Gymnastic apparatus on legs.

17.he had made a profitable deal with a businessman to do a Gymnastic exhibition on the beach near the gulf. represents the green ring and Gymnastic sports.

19.the analysis and research on the male pommel horse of 2006 nationwide young Gymnastic championship

20.they held Gymnastic displays too.

21.we cover all Gymnastic prelims and finals.

22.kobe is much closer to jordan in athletic explosion and Gymnastic body control.

23.they laid on banquets, Gymnastic shows and special tours for ministerial spouses.

24.this paper presents a control strategy based on partial feedback linearization for complex nonlinear underactuated three-link Gymnastic robot systems.

25.cheng had begun to perfect her vault, one of the most difficult and dangerous Gymnastic moves.

26.Gymnastic equipment-wall bars, lattice ladders and climbing frames-safety requirements and test methods. on the effect contrast between simulation training and live training equipment used in Gymnastic exercises.

28.time as an inexorable investment in competitive Gymnastic training produces the gradation and fixed number of years of contribution. used in Gymnastic exercises.

30.foreign journalists saw him for the first time on october 9th at a mass Gymnastic performance in a pyongyang stadium. and playthings; Gymnastic and sporting articles not included in other classes; decorations for christmas trees.

32.its cheerleading began including Gymnastic movements in their cheers.

33.hans, i hear the sydney olympics had some new Gymnastic events.

34.a bar fixed in a horizontal position for Gymnastic exercises.

35.think of it as a parallel to perfecting a tennis swing or mastering a Gymnastic routine;

36.he showed a Gymnastic ability one might not have suspected.

37.the Gymnastic testing standard should change according to the development of the times.

38.she does Gymnastic exercises four times a week in quest to achieve the perfect body.

39.inspiration to preparing for london olympic games from chinese men's Gymnastic team successful experience in beijing olympic games

40.Gymnastic equipment-trampolines-functional and safety requirements, test methods.