Grunting Sentence Examples | Use Grunting in a sentence

1.application of reinforcement technology with Grunting in full-mechanized mining through empty roadway

2.a black mass close behind him stirred with a heavy Grunting sound.

3.the appeal of the bloodless battles, squawking birds and Grunting pigs, seem to transcend age.

4.our undead brethren ride Grunting boars through the tunnels, armed with crossbows and full of hatred.

5.pigs were Grunting and squealing it the yard.

6.for the rest of the hike, i went at the pace of a 90-year-old using a walker, Grunting in pain all the way. frank held my hand on particularly treacherous paths. addition, different kinds of bolt products, such as recoverable bolt, Grunting bolt with outer anchor inner grunt and base displacement of deep surrounding rock can be made by different bolt heads.

8.status offline they mosey on to the coffee machine Grunting under their breath, and once there they find someone to vent on.

9.he squatted, Grunting at the pain in his knees

10.the respirations are rapid, shallow and Grunting, counting 40 a minute.

11.his language is rooted in the speech patterns of ulster, with something of that derry quality of "phonetic Grunting" .

12.mary's Grunting continuously annoyed her husband, and her mother's staying with them was the last straw. practice shows that the Grunting reinforcement technique is an effective method for protecting railway roadbed and ensuring safe running of railway.

14.he was found two hours later, near a football stadium, which could have been a fantastic hiding place for a large, hairy, Grunting primate.

15.pigs have curly tails and make a Grunting noise. on the Grunting of the sow during nursing and the sucking behaviour of the piglet the courtyard, my friends were playing cards, children singing loudly, pigs Grunting, dogs barking, and chickens looking for food. massive machinery, mobs of people, or Grunting bodybuilders trying to outdo one another.

19.test research on preventing spontaneous combustion in gob with pre-injecting inhibitor into coal application of reinforcement technology with Grunting in full-mechanized mining through empty roadway

20.application of anchored bolt and Grunting combined supporting broken surrounding rock of slope mine

21.application of the grouting filling technology in goaf on fully mechanized top coal caving mining face through the large coalpit application of reinforcement technology with Grunting in full-mechanized mining through empty roadway

22.medium-sized tropical marine food fishes that utter a Grunting sound when caught.

23.anna and i clambered into the bed and set about puffing, Grunting and lip- smacking , all the while trying to turn the pages of our scripts. for fans of sun, the leading man, for most of the film, his handsome head is covered with a helmet and he had no more than five lines and couple of Grunting sounds in the entire film.

25.application of high-pressure rotary Grunting in constructing grouting decking on the dam foundation can not only improve the condition of grouting and result in a perfect grouting, but also can prevent seepage of dam foundation surface effectively and reduce damage from scouring to the dam foundation.

26.lonnie listened to the Grunting of the pigs as they walked up the driveway towards the big house.

27.pigs were Grunting and squealing in the farm. publisher with a far better understanding of how people read on their phones, hascreated their own book with a faceless lead, a Grunting alien swarm, and the requisite violence.

29.Grunting with pain, pleasure, etc.

30.two-minute warning: when the baby's face turns red and she begins to make those familiar Grunting noises.

31.and people make Grunting sounds, too, when they are working really hard at something like digging ditches.

32.the pigs on the truck are Grunting.