Grudgingly Sentence Examples | Use Grudgingly in a sentence recalcitrant teenagers, they are Grudgingly giving in and doing the homework they should have done ages ago. took about a year in office for the administration to Grudgingly accept that such a partnership was unlikely to develop any time soon. his midteens, zhou had learned to Grudgingly get along in his new surroundings.

4.and the old man knelt down and let it go Grudgingly back into the dark water.

5.slowly and Grudgingly the us may finally be starting to close its deficit as well after years of naive keynesianism and fiscal opportunism.

6.she Grudgingly acknowledged cutting her daughter but quickly added that she had intended only a milder form of circumcision.

7.yet if such a deal is offered, qayumi said he "would Grudgingly sign. "

8.under pressure, the family Grudgingly took her back in, and the international rescue committee is helping her. ms.

9.Grudgingly, she told me that granny came of irish scotch, and french stock in which negro blood had somewhere and somehow been infused.

10.a few fine restaurant dinners later, the two sisters Grudgingly came around, admitting that at least i was "patient" and not too mean.